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As soon as the calendar said late July, I got the urge to knit.

It happens every year, just like clockwork. I spied the Sullivan cardigan over on Pinterest and then ordered two different yarns to see which I'd prefer. While I love the Shelter by Brooklyn Tweed (on the right) - it's tweedy and a beautiful color, has lots of spring - in the end, I decided to go with the Lark by Quince & Co. The color is called dogwood and it is slightest pink which will round out all the black, gray and green sweaters in my closet.

August 1
Other things that have caught my attention lately:

I read this article on how to talk to young girls and it really made me think. Why is it that we often start conversations with other females with something about their appearance? I know I am guilty of that from time to time myself. This approach is a much smarter one.

I'm enjoy peeking behind the scenes at Blue Sparrow Press and am anxious for the shop's opening. Heather made me some letterpress cards for my birthday and they are beyond beautiful.

I am very excited about Lotta Jansdotter's new fabric line for Windham Fabrics.

Habit is back this month with a great group of guests. I really missed my daily visit in July so I was super happy to see them post yesterday.

That's all for now. I'm still sewing away on the Swoon blocks. 5 down, 4 to go!




I think that Cardigan will look lovely in either shade. They are both lovely.
And thankyou for the link to Lotta new fabrics.... Lush!


Sullivan is going to look great! I made BT's Guernsey Wrap with Shelter and it was a great yarn and I have worked up a cowl with Lark. I have the Estelle Cardigan ready to go with Lark as well. Both are fabulous yarns. It would have been a hard decision to make. Happy day, Erin!


PS. That was a great article you linked to about talking with girls. Thanks!


That sweater will be lovely! Beautiful pink!


dang it, a couple of knitting patterns just jumped into my cart! I've been in the knitting mood. I even tried to go to my LYS yesterday but discovered that it was no longer there. Thankfully, it only moved. I think a trip is in order today!

Sarah in Indiana

Thanks for the article on talking to girls. I don't have children, and it really gave me something to think about. That yarn is such a great color--I look forward to seeing what you knit.

Meg Evans

Great links, Erin! I have wanted to order some of the Quince yarn in the worst way, but I have several sweaters' worth of yarn that I need to make into something before I can add to the stash. There are a few patterns on the Quince site that I'm in love with. Can't wait to see the new sweater!

Sarah Jane | beautiful dawn

Awesome pattern. And I liked that article, too. Gave me pause.


Oh that sweater makes me swoon. I didn't have the urge until I saw that.


Your new cardigan pattern choice is awesome!! I'm sure it will be one you'll go to over and over again!

rachel | buttons magee

I wonder why that happens? I just started a crochet project last week. Hmmm, hot weather..urge to knit/crochet. Maybe it's because we get to just sit there calmly in the heat and work.


It's funny, but I am having the same gut feeling right now. I mean, to knit, even though it's scalding hot outside. Maybe we want the cooler weather to get her, and by knitting, we can make that happen? Either way, I'm indulging the craving.


I actually found that article seemed a bit disingenuous. Why have an agenda when you talk to anyone? Just be interested in them and sometimes, a twirly skirt is just as worthy and wonderful as which book you're reading. I think it's much more important to tell girls that they're beautiful as they are than that appearance doesn't matter. Because they'll learn that the latter is a lie... people DO judge you based on appearance, and what's important to know is that we are all beautiful in our infinite variety.

Lisa Clarke

This has nothing to do with anything, but I really love your current header - the colors in it are fabulous (and I'm actually getting a little hungry, too...) :-)


I really think you will like the Quince. okay...gotta go knit with mine...almost done!

Habit Blog


Erin | house on hill road

Hi Allison. You bring up a valid and interesting point. I think we should approach conversations with everyone with an open mind and genuine interest. My take-away from the article was that when I compliment any girl (or child or adult) as an opening to a conversation, we don't get much further than "I like your _____" with "Thank you" as the response. Not starting with a compliment allows for a more open-ended conversation and that is something I am invested in creating with anyone I meet. That's my agenda.


I looked up the sweater you picked and I love it! I think it will look great in that yarn and color.

Erin | house on hill road

Oh, thank you for all your help, Holly! I truly appreciate you taking time out of your day to help me wind all 10 skeins of yarn. Let me know if I can repay the favor somehow.

heather smith jones

Thank you for the link to the article on opening conversations with girls. That is definitely something I will bear in mind, especially as I approach the school year and meet a new batch of girls. And actually, with boys too.
Thank you also for visiting me at Blue Sparrow, and sharing it with others. (:


This almost makes me want to pick up my knitting needles. If only it wasn't 100 degrees outside--I think the call of the swimming pool is stronger.

Julie Smith

That pink is absolutely exquisite. Can't wait to see it finished!


isn't Quince and Co fabulous. They have my favourite cardigan pattern for the girls in a grown up version. That's the next knitting project. Once Edith's one is finished...


I found that article so interesting when I first read it. I really think as a society we emphasize appearance with our girls. I really want to focus on them as people. If it is a beautiful singing voice, unstoppable interest in animals, competitive streak in Pokemon - so be it. I also try to do this with boys I meet. Not always easy. I also try to stop myself when I constantly remind my daughter to brush her hair; I try to do the same with my boys so hers is not the only beauty I watch.

I just picked up some Puffin from Quince and Co for an Oatmeal pullover. I have the Sullivan cardigan on my list. Good info about the yarn. I love that colorway too.


is that quince yarn as luscious as it looks? i've been eyeballing it for a while, now.

a week and a half?? and i thought the 23rd was too soon. and it is. enjoy this last stretch.



Love these yarns. I crochet but have never been brave enough to make a sweater. I hope to get over this.



Thank you so much for the link to the article about talking to girls. I will definitely be keeping it in mind.

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