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Swoon oops

See the upper right hand corner? That's what happens when I am so tired from the first day of teaching photography to 8th graders that I can't think straight. (It went fine. I have a lot to learn.) Add into the mix a new sewing machine (!!!) that I am still adjusting to and super sore shoulders from working out and knitting (just the applied icord left!). The real kicker is that the very obvious mistake wasn't noticed right after it was made. No, I had to go and sew it to the rest of the block first. Classic.

Today, the seam ripper and I will become fast friends. With any luck, I'll right this block and get another one finished. It'd be very nice to have a quilt top finished by the weekend. Though, at the rate I'm going, I'm surely not counting on it. A nap is much more likely.


heather smith jones

I was wondering how your teaching day went, and am glad to hear it went well. I know to you, those quilting oopses are not the way you want it to go but I like those quirks, be/c they could seem intentional. (that may not make sense, I need more tea this morning!)


A photography class geared toward 8th graders is just my speed. I wish I could audit your class.


I don't know what I'd so without my seam ripper. Nice color combination :)


I'm loving following your swoon progress. I also just started a Sullivan, although I may start over with different yarn (of course I've already worked all the nupps on the bottom, so I may be too lazy to start over!). Also, I'd love to hear more about your new sewing machine, being in the market for a new one myself.

Mama Urchin

Sometimes I like to leave mistakes, just for the fun of it. Although, most of the time my type A personality gets the better of me. It sounds like you've been busy. My sister-in-law ordered a camera strap from you. She'd asked me to make one but I told her to order from you instead!


Amish quilters always put one flaw in their quilts, out of humility before God. You could always claim some such higher motive. :)


I hate when that happens. I did the exact same thing on my first Swoon block, but I did not document it with a picture. At least it's on the edge, and not one of the middle blocks.

Melissa Haworth

Like a previous commenter I was thinking you could leave it as a humility block. And see if anyone ever notices :)

Indiana Lori

I really like those colors, and what seamstress isn't having an affair with her seam ripper? I need to take that 8th grade photography class. Do they let in 39 year olds?


Leave it - it will be a nice momento of the earthquake we just had - did you feel it?


I am just thankful seam rippers exist! Mistakes happen..... It took me a bit to figure out which way it should have gone so maybe someone wouldn't even notice! Hope your class goes smoothly!


Love the soothing colors you choose! I'm sure I would have made alot more mistakes than yours! Someday I would love to make a full size quilt and out of Camille's pattern would be icing on the cake!


I like the pattern and colors. I did something very similar and didn't notice until I proudly posted the block on my blog. I'd like to take the photo class !


I didn't even notice until you pointed it out.


I hate when that happens! Good thing you noticed it now and not when you were sewing strips together, that would have made for a lot of unpicking.

Those colours look lovely together!

Sew and  Sews Too

It is impossible to make Swoon without a quick unpick- (or seam ripper as you Americans say!!) - but aren't they worth the pain

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