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I'm talking Halloween costumes.

It's been years since I've made two costumes. Most years, I end up making one and buying one, or heck, even buying both. It's what I have worked out to keep myself sane at the beginning of the most hectic two months of the year (birthday after birthday after birthday and then the holidays, you know). Because after Dorothy and Glinda, I was d-o-n-e. And this year wasn't going to be any different. I planned on making Kate's costume and we were going to throw together a black cat ensemble for Jane per her request. That is, until she saw Star Wars for the first time.

You know where this is going, don't you?

Flapper dress

I sewed Kate's flapper dress yesterday. How she came up with the idea of being a flapper beats me, but her heart has been set on it for a few months. I used a simple a-line dress pattern that I got for 99 cents at Jo-Ann's and added 10 yards (!) of fringe that I bought in NYC earlier this month. We plan on adding a headband, a long strand of pearls, a feather boa and calling it done. I wish I had enough fringe to cover the entire dress, but I think it still looks cute. It fits her and she loves it. Win-win.


This afternoon I'm going to wrangle 4.5 yards of Kona white into something that Princess Leia would be proud of. I'm just not going to tell her that it's really an angel's robe with a make-shift hood sewn on. I'll divert her attention by pointing her to the you tube video on how to make the buns. The key is a pair of socks. Who knew?

P.S. I'm secretly loving that they will actually let me sew them something, even if it's something I know they will only wear once.


sarah - byneedleandthread

It's very cute! You'll have to show us the whole ensemble. I also just saw Starwars for the first time (shocking since i'm 30).


What a fun costume. She's going to look fantastic! Please show us princess leia!! My two year old girl and four year old boy are going as Ewoks this year. I spent more money on fur than I would have if I had purchased pre-made costumes, but I am glad they did b/c they turned out great and fit them to a tee!


I'm so there with you when it comes to Halloween costumes. I think the point of the holiday is to put together a great costume with what you have on hand or can find at goodwill. That said, my kiddies are 2 and 4. I try to find free or cheap plush costumes and stop there. Making them costumes is more than I care to commit to (I also have 3 birthdays and then Halloween all in a row!). The flapper dress does look great though!


The flapper dress looks fabulous!
I am so over making halloween costumes, especially this year. Thankfully, I've had requests for 2 zombies and a vampire. I think we can manage that with a little make up and clothes already in their closets. Win.


Nice work! We have Star Wars inspired costume requests at our house too! Tomorrow is my day to work on Princes Leia or Padme; I don't know which one I'll end up with. ;) Do you ever look back at previous years' costumes you've made and wonder how you pulled that one off? I do and then I wonder how this year's will turn out. Hopefully great!


Oh my goodness! My almost 4 year old told me she wanted to be Dorothy. We got the sparkly shoes, and since the purchased costumes are scratchy and cheap, I decided I would make her one with that same pattern you used so she could use it for dress up and maybe her little sister could wear it in a few years (even though I've NEVER sewn anything from a pattern before). I was a bit relieved when she told me she changed her mind and wanted to wear the Snow White costume my step-mom had made for my siter years ago. Fast forward to earlier this week... guess who found the Dorothy picture and decided she wants to be Dorothy after all? I can't decide if I should try to get it done or just tell her it's too late and have her wear Snow White!

heather smith jones

I like that the fringe only covers part of the dress. She will look smashing in it! I hope we'll get to see pics of them both. (:

Mama Urchin

Katie was going to be Princess Leia this year but I refused to dye her hair so she changed her mind. Now she's planning to be an owl. Tristan thinks the point of Halloween is to dress up as a Star Wars character (he's been Luke and a Jawa) so this year he is planning to be an Ewok. I need to get sewing!


I love homemade costumes, we always had either homemade costumes or ones pieced together using different things we had on hand that we could tweak to make work...in my opinion, those are the best kinds of costumes!


You have officially one-upped me in the motherhood department.

I thought homemade costumes were strictly relegated for first babies. You're ruining it for us all. Some of us happily tote our seconds (and thirds and fourths) off to Target confidently......until we see your fringe.....and then cringe. Gee whiz, Erin, you're really raising the bar here!!

Ha ha ha ha.........

Actually, I didn't realize it was a costume when I first pulled up the post. I think it's super sweet as a regular dress!!! Looks great, and good luck wrangling the Kona.


I recently heard of the sock bun idea. Who knew is right! Love the dress. This weekend is costume prep around here. Wish me luck.


Oh it's cute! I agree, I think it could work as an everyday dress too! Good luck with the Leia sewing. I'm nearly done with my kids' custumes, but then I agreed to make an adult-sized hobbit cloak for my husband's cousin's boyfriend. WHYYYYYY?

lisa s

that looks GREAT. i pretty much finished mine today too...
[and who knew about the socks. wow]


couldn't be more timely. currently trying to convince one and all to rally around one theme, that one being star wars. we've got a mini-leia in the making, now to convince the big brothers.... as for me, i'm thinking chewbacca.

love the duo: leia and the flapper. surely there's a seventh sequel/prequel in there somewhere?


very cute dress. good luck with the other costume. i've attempted making costumes twice and have been unsuccessful with both attempts. it's store bought for us.


I'll be making a Princess Leia costume this weekend as well! I went with a white sheet and will wing-it for the dress pattern. The hair will be harder, I haven't figured that out yet.

I also have to make a yoda costume for my younger daughter. So far, I have dyed a tae kwon do uniform brown. Now, for a robe...still trying to figure out if I'm going to have to make it, or if I can thrift a used, light colored bathrobe that could also be dyed.
Good luck!


That video is brilliant...just hope the daughter's hair is long enough!


I regret I was born too late to be a flapper. I would have worn that dress in a heartbeat. But what really made me smile about your post was the last line.

Sweet Posy Dreams

Always loved making my kids Halloween costumes. With my sewing ability, it was a good thing it's dark during trick or treating!


awesome! i remember being a flapper for a tap class that my mom made the outfit out of a towel for. my daughter would love that dress for all that fringe! my daughter was leia one year. she has blonde hair so i knit a skull cap in brown, filled brown tights with some stuffing and twisted it into buns. then i attached the buns with a few stitches. she played with the outfit tons after halloween! can't wait to see your finished product!


Socks, who knew?! Don't forget a big ostrich plume in the headband for Flapper Girl. = )

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