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Outstanding in the Field

Two weeks ago, Fatty and I, along with some friends, attended an Outstanding in the Field dinner on a beautiful farm overlooking the Ohio River. It was event that we had anticipated for many months and we couldn't have asked for a more beautiful evening. From bourbon sweet tea and local wines, to the foods grown and prepared for us, everything was delicious and more. Tradition dictates that everyone brings a plate, thus allowing everyone to bring something to the long, outstretched table. It was a grand sight and sitting there, watching the sun set over the river, was an idyllic scene. I have always loved the idea behind Outstanding in the Field and I was happy that the experience lived up to that idea. Before too much time went by, I wanted to document that wonderful night. It was the first time in a long while that I felt like taking more than one or two or ten photos. I know this is a photo heavy post, but I had a hard time narrowing down my selections. These are my favorites.

Otf 1

Otf 2

Otf 3

Otf 4

Otf 5

Otf 8

Otf 7

October 4

Otf 6

Otf 9

Otf 13

Fatty 2

Otf 12

Otf 10

Otf 17

Otf 16

Otf 14

October 4 b



i loved all of these photos, erin! it looks like such a fantastic evening. good food, beautiful setting, beautiful light-- perfection.


Looks amazing. I recently attended a similar evening where 230 people were fed on a long white linen covered table. It was a magical evening I will never forget.
Thanks for sharing


I'm so glad you posted pictures. I've told a few of my volunteer friends about this and we are planning to this for next summer. What a wonderful night!


love love love love love! why do they not do this in my part of the world?


What an amazing time. Thank you for sharing, Erin.


i would love to go to one of these someday. you're so lucky! great photos, too.


Beautiful photos!! I especially love the second one of the plates!


Wow, that looks like a wonderful event. Beautiful!


What a fabulous idea, I see from your link that there was one not far from us in Ontario, so it's going on my bucket list. Photos are stunning, especially the sun setting over the river.


Oooh, you had food from the chef @ Proof? Lucky! The Husband and I ought to go there more often since it's only about an hour away, but we never get to Louisville.


bourbon sweet tea? could anything not be wonderful with a glass alongside?

these are gorgeous, erin, the lot of them.


It looks beautiful. I'm going to my first one in early November. I can't wait!


Beautiful photos! What a wonderful fall event!


wow! that's a wonderful place!!!


oh, erin. i have yanni playing in the background as i looked at your most beautiful photos capturing life in its incredible, wonderful form. absolutely made my heart sing!


Looks like fun - good photos of the two of you.

Account Deleted

goodness abounds here, erin!

suzie sews at Dotty Red

what beautiful beautiful photo's...


i love this is beautifull!

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