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Little Bits Quilting Bee - Review and Giveaway


I'm so excited to be one of today's stops on the blog tour for Little Bits Quilting Bee by Kathreen Ricketson and published by Chronicle Books. As you probably know, Kathreen is the brains behind Whip Up, that fantastic website and resource for those of us that are craft-inclined. She's also the author of Whip Up Mini Quilts, a fantastic book with some of the most amazing little quilts around, and she publishes Action Pack, an e-magazine geared towards crafting with kids. She's a woman with boundless creativity and it was no surprise to me that her new book, Little Bits Quilting Bee, is fresh and informative resource for quilters.

Little Bits Quilting Bee has 20 different quilt projects that use pre-cuts. You know the charm squares, layer cakes, jelly rolls and fat quarters that are always so pretty and tempting at the quilt store? Yes, those! I am always ooh-ing and ah-ing over those little stacks and rolls, but have never really know what I would do with them until now. Kathreen has done an exemplary job of showing just how versatile using they can be. I especially love how she uses solids, together with prints and shining on their own. She also doesn't stick to the simple square and rectangle shapes that pre-cuts come in. There are patterns with curves and appliques, projects that are easy for beginners and some that offer a little more challenge. The book also contains a good resource section with information on quilting basics and about how to start your own quilting bee. I just love the idea of sewing with friends.

Some of my favorites are:


Crimson Cross


Garnets and Gold


Community Garden


Dress Circle


At the moment, having just pieced 176 half-square triangles out of two charm square packs, I'm working on my own version of Prismatic, which in the book uses layer cakes.

Kathreen and the nice folks at Chronicle Books have offered a copy of Little Bits Quilting Bee to one of my readers. To be entered in the giveaway (U.S. addresses only, please), comment on this post before 5:00 p.m. EST, Sunday, November 13th. If you are so inclined, tell me if you have ever used pre-cuts and what you have used them for. I'll pick a winner and announce it on the blog next week.

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Amy in Oregon

I'm still a fairly new quilter (and blogless, but I'm thinking about changing that), so I haven't worked with precuts at all. I've been looking for something to jump start my creativity and this book looks fantastic!

Lisa K

I would love to have this book! The projects look modern and happy. :) In order to afford quilting/sewing I typically don't buy precuts but they would make thing so much easier! The kona jelly roll is making me drool! Thanks for the giveaway!


I'm very new at quilting, but want to get the hang of using pre-cuts!


I haven't used jelly rolls or any other pre-cuts, but I am curious to try, and the patterns in that book look great!

Lael-Ruth Feist

I've used fat quarter bundles. I usually do not love every print in a collection, so mixed designer fat quarter bundles are for me. Buttttt if I had all the money in the world to spend on myself, I'm sure I'd pick up jellyrolls and charms itno my "cart".


This book looks like such a good way to start quilting again!


This book looks amazing! Now I need to find a source for all of those jelly rolls charm packs and cakes.

Gwen Windham

I love this book-- it looks like one of those that not only is full of really useful ideas, but is also full of gorgeous pictures-- nice to leave out on the coffee table! The only type of precuts I've ever used is the 5 inch charms which make beautiful quick projects-- because they're all ready to go-- perfectly cut to size and beautifully coordinated color and print... But, lately, (and especially after seeing the sneak peak of this book), I am very interested in trying some of the other precuts available-- especially jelly rolls--I think they'd be SO much fun to use!!! Thanks for giving us a chance to win! :-)


Great review. Looks like an awesome book! I am addicted to precuts...use them ALL the time. I find the ease of fabric selection to be even more helpful than the break in cutting. I just love having a fistful of fabrics that look fantastic together!


I've used a lot of jelly rolls and charm squares-I love that it reduces the amount of cutting I have to do, and lets me get to the sewing faster.


This book looks like its full of good ideas! I have used a charm pack to make a tumbler lap quilt (for the car), I also have two Kona jelly rolls that I pull from all the time for Bee blocks.


I've only been quilting for about a year. I did break down and buy a jelly roll once I used it to make a ironing board cover, I didn't know what else to make with it.
This book looks wonderful, please enter me in the giveaway.

Kristin Kern

I have quite a few charm packs but I never know what to do with them, honestly I am afraid to cut them!!!

Bettina Groh

I've never used pre-cuts and wouldn't really know how to use a jelly roll. BUT I'd love to win your book. It would make a great Christmas present for my daughter and I'm SURE she would let me borrow it!

MiChal Hall

I've got a huge collection of charm square packs, but have only finished one project with them (a rag quilt for my 6 year old grandson). I've recently begun to collect layer cakes and hope to try out a few projects with jelly rolls in 2012.


I used fat quarters and charm packs before and made some mug rugs, table runner, wall hangings etc... out of them. The book looks very inspiring. Thanks for a chance to win and for a great book review.


I've actually never used precuts.. but lately I've seen some really cute collections, and i'm thinking I need to give it a try. I mean not everything has to be so hard, does it?


The book looks fabulous. I've never used precuts, but would like to give them a try. Thanks for the chance to win!


This looks wonderful. I seem to shy away from the precuts due to the frugal side of me thinking I could save money by cutting them myself, but I'm finding myself shifting that thinking. This would be a fun way to start.


I have never used precuts, but I haven't really made that many quilts either.

Meredith Massey

It's been forever since I've quilted but I daydream about it all the time. I could use inspiration.

beth lehman

I love Kathreen - she is hilarious! My second and third quilts (small ones) were made from charm packs - they are the only ones I've bought.... now I'm hungry for yardage, forgetting how a little can go a long way! Thanks for a chance on this one!


My big WIP is a quilt based on the Kona brights charm pack. Yay for the modern quilt guild challenge... just need to get that finished up!

Liz Moore

This looks like a fabulous book; I am pretty sure that Singer machine on the cover is the model I grew up sewing on. I have been quilting for 8 years or so, but have never used precuts. I would love to give them a try. Thanks!


I've never used the pre-cut fabric, though I've been intrigued by it. This book looks beautiful and full of ideas for getting started on this type of quilting. Thanks for the peek into the lovely pages and the chance to win a copy!


I love that circles quilt!

I love using pre-cuts. 10 inch squares are my favorite!


I use precuts to make t-shirt dresses for my daughter and for birthday gifts. They're always super popular!


I used both a Jelly Roll and a Layer Cake from the same designer to make Elizabeth's,from Oh, Fransson!, quilt called Layer Cake. I though it knocked hours off my cutting and prep time and found that my quilt squared up much better in the end with pre-cuts. Here is my blog post about it:



I'm just starting to get into quilting, and this book looks like a fabulous way to get in a little deeper!


I have used charm packs to make a baby blankets & purses. I have a jelly roll to make a bag but I haven't tackled that one yet. I love using precuts. It makes things go so much faster. This books looks fabulous! Thank you for the chance to win one.

wintu nancy

I haven't ever used precuts, but this book certainly makes me want to do just that. Thanks for helping one of us win a copy.


ohhh...beautiful. I love all the pictures from the book, and would love something like this.

Thank you for your lovely blog. i read it avidly and always wait for your next post!


I like pre-cuts for the ability to get a little taste of a full line, but I've only used them in one quilt so far. I'd love to get some more inspiration for using them!


I love precuts so much! This would be an awesome book to learn more ways to use them.


First, oh my god, every one of those quilts is making me die. Especially the dress circle. So gorgeous. Second, I made a ticker tape quilt using fat quarters, but, of course, I had to cut them a lot more! But I'm not super confident in my picking-out-fabrics-to-go-with-each-other abilities, so I like the fat quarter packs!


I've never used precuts, but want to give it a try for my next quilt. Would love to win this!! Thank you!


I have used fat quarters in quilts--not only the group, but as an addition. I have used charm squares in quilts. And most recently, I am using a fat-quarter group to make an applique quilt with 35 blocks. They fat quarters coordinate and look good in almost any way I arrange them. I love the group--thanks for the chance to win the book!


I would love to use this book to learn how to use pre-cuts! I have never used anything other than fat quarters before.


I have only used fat quarters, but I'd like to branch out. This book looks absolutely amazing.


Those quilts look like a lot of fun-- thanks for the chance to win!


I have only used FQs but would love a little help getting started using other precuts. This book looks like just the ticket. Thanks for the chance.


Wow, this looks great! I have a jelly roll from Denyse Schmidt that I just have not done a thing with besides admire.


Wow! This book looks great----i'm adoring the Community Garden pattern! I have never used pre-cuts before. And actually, I usually just make up my own design, but this book inspires me to follow a pattern!


Wow, this is beautiful!! I would love this book to chip away at my boxes of leftover quilting fabric scraps....the "Community Garden" one looks amazing - I think that would be my first project...lovely giveaway, thanks for introducing this great book to all of us!


I don't always make the time to sew quilts, since I am a knitter and spinner first. I like pre-cuts because it saves me time. I made my son and daughter-in-law's wedding gift out of a jelly roll and a package of layer cake in the same fabric line. I am intrigued by the circle quilt in your review. I think I need a challenge. Right now I am making a Disappearing Nine Patch with charm squares. I make it fun by mixing the colors, but think I need something else to work on this winter. Thanks for the chance.


I'va added this book to my Amazon Wishlist. I bought some charm packs with the idea to make a big patchy type blanket for the bed in winter. So far though theyre just sitting and begging for something a little more fun.


That book looks so wonderful! Good luck with your charm sized Prismatic!


Wow. Love those quilts. I've used charm packs for charm squares quilts and for hexagon quilts but that's about it. I've been trying to figure out what to do with some of my other precuts and it seems like this book might be just the thing to help me figure it out.


I have not yet used precuts, but I want to! I have seen this book elsewhere and it looks wonderful -- thanks for the chance!

jen pett-ridge

This is just gorgeous--what inspiration. I need to put together a wedding quilt for my sister--maybe i can use a batch of pre-cuts and some idead from this book to get me going...

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