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Tova, take two

Tova 2

It fits!

I took this photo right about ten minutes after I finished making it, wet hair and all. Then I decided that I didn't really want to blog this photo because surely I could get a better one without the wallpaper/fabric clash. And one where the bust line actually sits on the bust, instead of higher up because my arm is raised, holding the camera. In the meantime, I haven't gotten a better photo and it's wet and cold outside so I don't feel like taking off my sweater to try to get a better one. So, basically, I'm over needing a better photos so here it is.

This Tova is an XL. I broke my own rule about not cutting into the good stuff and just went for it. This Liberty fabric has been in my stash since our June 2010 London trip. I've been saving it for something for me and a shirt is just the thing. I wore the top all day long, got multiple compliments on it and not a single person asked me if I made it - win, win, and triple-win! It's super comfy, albeit a tad bit big on the sides. I will probably take it in a smidge, but I wanted to wear it first before altering it too much.

Tova 2 a

(I got up and put it on the dress form, you know, for a better photo. If only....)

I will definitely make another Tova for myself. I've got a voile all picked out and waiting. It's such a great pattern - I enjoy sewing it which isn't always the case when making garments. To that end, I'm also hoping to find time to start tracing the pattern for the girls this weekend. Jane wants a top and Kate wants a dress. Does anyone have a good online source for shirting fabrics? Jane would like some kind of plaid....

Happy weekend!


Sarah Jackson

It's really lovely. I keep looking at this pattern and wondering if it'll work for me and my shape. Maybe it's worth the try, after seeing this one.


Love it! It is such a great shirt, and it looks so good on you. That is one of my favorite LOL patterns too. I have some tana lawn on its way to me right now for another tova. Can't wait to see your versions for the girls.


Oh, it is so nice, E!!! I love that fabric! xx

Deb Joseph

Looks Great(and not one bit homemade)! Love your choice of material too.

beth lehman

Thank you, thank you for posting it with your body!! I'm just so glad to see it's not too chesty - um, I mean too tight across the chest - that was my fear. I will actually cut one out this weekend - it looks amazing!!!

blair/wise craft

Is soooo cute Erin! A lesson to stick with it, and good things will come.


It must feel so good to get compliments on something you made for yourself. It's awesome!

I remember the woman who wrote the "katiedid" blog always recommended Denver fabrics for online garment fabric shopping. I don't have firsthand experience, but I always loved everything she posted.


Is that wallpaper?...because it is amazing! Where'd ya get it?

...and your new shirt is lovely too. :)


It looks amazing! And the fabric is perfect. I would compliment you, too.


Gorgeous as always! I wish I looked so nice in a top that I made. Maybe I will have to try that pattern...and boy are you brave with the Liberty! But I guess what is the use of it sitting on a shelf! Awesome job!


The shirt looks great! I can't wait for her shop to reopen so that I can purchase it and make one for myself. Thank you for the rundown of how the pattern fits.


wow. it's so beautiful. wow.


things are always better with the good stuff. the shirt looks great! Where is the bust seam supposed to fall? Under? over? on? I'm off to the woods with some friend and my sewing machine this weekend and a tova (or two) is on my list.

Erin | house on hill road

Hi Annalia - Yes! Wallpaper. It's by Amy Butler. I don't remember where I bought it online, but I am pretty sure they have it at Burke Decor. - Erin

Erin | house on hill road

oh, thank you! i'll pop over to denver fab. to take a look.

Erin | house on hill road

thanks, beth! when the shirt is on me properly (arms not raised!) the bottom of the placket is at the fullest part of the bust. hope that helps. erin

Erin | house on hill road

i think it should fall on the fullest part of the bust. that's what worked for me.


Very nice job, Erin! And kudos for the compliments without the question of "did you make it." I never quite know how to take that statement.


Aren't you hilarious! I find it amusing that it is almost a strike when someone asks if we made something ourselves. Sometimes I'm thrilled when I didn't make it! Or when no one asks and I can say, oh I made it myself! So rock on with your liberty top, it's fantastic.

Habit Blog

love it!


um, that was me. xo.


gorgeous! it looks like you got a great fit, and that fabric is just so pretty.


it looks super, & great fabric! I can't wait to make my own (or maybe two)... I think a flannel plaid one is in order for the colder months ahead.

Does the floppy collar bother you at all? I can't decide whether it would drive me crazy, especially to have the wrong side of the fabric showing. Hmm.

Erin | house on hill road

Hi Megan - The floppy placket didn't bother me. You could certainly add some interfacing to make it stiffer. Also, when I made the first one out of quilter's cotton, the color didn't flop as much because the fabric was a little heavier weight. Hope that helps. Erin

Erin | house on hill road

i knew that. xo.

Erin | house on hill road

Thanks, Laura!

Erin | house on hill road

I know! Sometimes I think people ask because they know I sew and sometimes I think it's because it looks homemade vs. handmade. Oy.


This turned out just beautifully! I am seriously thinking about biting that bullet and spending all that money for the pattern! It IS such an ouch one though.

Sew Fabulous Quilt shop has recently gotten some plaids in.

Isn't it funny, when I sew a garment, I don't want anyone asking if I made it, but for some reason, when I knit something, it is the highest compliment! Is it just me?!

Can't wait to see your other Tova creations!


it is simply gorgeous! i am glad you got compliments, you deserved to get compliments, it is a beautiful shirt!

Julie Smith

It's perfect! And beautiful! I'm so glad it worked out with that gorgeous fabric.


I was downtown LA this morning in the fabric district looking at shirting fabric. Wish I would have known- they had good plaids I could have texted you a photo : )


i actually loved the contrast... shirt/wallpaper!

and i do believe that is the perfect project for your special fabric.
it looks beautiful, erin.


I love your Tova top. It is so beautiful and summery. Like something you could swan about at a picnic in. Just gorgeous. I made myself a Tova in a red tartan and I liked it a lot in winter. Yours is just divine!


The Fabric looks awesome on you as a top in this cool almost 70's style shirt. I love when the fabric and the pattern actually work well together.


I'm so glad to see you post this. It is lovely! I have been on the fence, wondering if this shirt would work for me, and now that I see it on you, I think it might just. Thanks for posting the sizing details, too. I think I'll go for the XL and take in the sides.


Gorgeous!! Love that pattern. Love the fabric even more :)

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