Merry making
It's a New Year

And just like that

December 16

I woke up this morning to one paperwhite in bloom. It made my day.

The one handmade gift was finished today. Phew. Photos will come after Christmas, ok? The rest is all under control, or as much control as I'm going to have. You know what I mean, right? It's December and it's busy and that's life and I wouldn't change it. Well, I'd like a trick for getting the dog off of the couch. But really, other than that, I wouldn't change it.

The girls are out for their Christmas break and I am anxious to spend some time hanging out and relaxing with my family. On that note, I'm signing off until we reach the other side of Christmas. Thank you all for reading my blog and supporting me with comments and emails and more. I feel very blessed and count you all among my gifts. I hope that you enjoy the holiday season. Merry everything!




Have a happy Christmas Erin! Lovely paperwhites, mine didn't do well this year, but my amaryllis is a double and just about to give a show :)


Merry Christmas Erin! Thankful for your sweet blog.


Merry Christmas Erin, I so enjoy reading your blog and sharing in your adventures. Thanks so much for the ride!

Sarah Jackson

xoxo. Merry everything, friend.


Merry Christmas Erin - I've been visiting you here for such a long time but there doesn't always seem to be the opportunity to tell you how much I appreciate it. I do.


How beautiful. Hope you and your family have a blessed Christmas :)


Merry Christmas and happy everything! See you in 2012.


Merry Christmas and happy New Year!!

Pam - captured by our cameras

Wishing you a Merry! Thank you for the wonderful gift of sharing your life and talent with us. Happy New Year!


What a sweet little paperwhite. :) I hope your whole family has a very merry Christmas!


have a splendid holiday, erin.

see you in 2012.



Merry Christmas!


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. May you enjoy all the manageable chaos that comes with the hustle and the bustle.


I just planted paperwhites a few days agonand look forward to seeing blooms in January! Hope you have a lovely Christmas.

Lori Martinez

Pennies in a coke can scares them off the couch.


Lay a large sheet of foil on the couch - they don't like the texture.

Lisa Kirker

Merry everything back, and enjoy the holiday break!


happy holidays.


Hi Erin! Merry everything to you and your family!! Happy New Year!

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