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Household project #2 - done and dusted

Evelyn's quilt

December 17

I just realized there was some unfinished business around here, namely that I never told you all about the one handmade Christmas gift this year. I think I mentioned it was a quilt, right? I made this one for my niece, Evelyn. She was born last May, ending the nephews-only run that we had been enjoying for the past 10 years. While I have enjoyed making many, many things for the little fellows, I was secretly (or may be not so secretly) thrilled to have another, littler girl to sew for.

Evelyn's quilt 2

The quilt is made entirely of half square triangles. I used the better part of 2 charm packs for the prints and a solid white from Moda for the, um, white. I chain pieced it using this method described on the Purl Bee and then set about piecing. Jane helped me with pattern placement - she's got a very good eye for color and balance. I completely eye-balled the size - just went with something that looked proportionate and a little bigger than crib size. It's backed in a pink solid and trimmed in a small aqua print. The quilting is straight lines 1/2" on each side of the diagonal seams (Does that make sense? I think it does, but let me know if you don't get it).

Evelyn's quilt

My very favorite part? I free-motion quilted my niece's name in the bottom corner. It's super subtle, almost invisible. And pretty dang sweet, if I say so myself.

Ok. Unfinished business now finished. Back to whatever it was you were doing.



Wow! What an amazing gift. You do the best quilts Erin.


Beautiful...and I happen to have some of those very charms laying around! Thanks for giving me an idea of what I could do with them. :)


Oh, Erin. What an amazing gift! It's beautiful. xx




that's just beautiful! was it really tricky/hard to free-motion her name on the quilt?


Erin tha tis just a stunning quilt. I just love how the white pops out from the beautiful rich colors.
You are such a good auntie and I just know little Evelyn will treasure this forever!!

Mama Urchin

What a fun quilt and not at all baby-ish which means she should love it for a long time.


erin, that turned out amazing!


Oh, Erin, it's amazing and so beautiful! Congratulations on the niece, I love her name, and the quilted name is so perfect. Love!

beth lehman

It's divine! I've really got to try some half square triangles again some time - they are so versatile!


sigh, it's beautiful!


Love it! Your niece is one lucky little lady to have such a creative aunt!


what a lucky, lucky girl!! well done.


I LOVE it! The color balance and combination is really fabulous. Way to go Jane! I'm very much in love with the free motion quilting of her name. I'm afraid I might have to make up reasons to do this on future gifts. Very inspiring, as usual.


Oh wow, it's GORGEOUS. Love that design and the colors.

Sarah Jackson

Dude. That is all I have to say.


Awesome--especially the signature!




i LOVE the name stitched in. very clever.




as if i didn't have enough temptation to start another quilt today. this one may send me over the edge. LOVE it!!


Beautiful work Erin. It looks even better in person! It only took me about 5 minutes of looking before I saw her name there. The subtlety of it is awesome. I'm pretty sure she'll be cherishing it for a long time.


This is just gorgeous! The colors are just wonderful and your quilting is so perfect!


That's lovely!

Laura Zarrin

I love, love, love this quilt! The color, swoon! The design, aaaah! Marvelous! Is there a pattern for this somewhere?


Beautiful. I've been dreaming of blocks paired with a bunch of white...I love this.

Erin | house on hill road

Thanks, Laura! There is no pattern - it is just a bunch of half square triangles laid out in diamonds. It's very easy to do.


Beautiful and sweet at the same time. I love this!

Account Deleted

Please please PLEASE show me how you did that free motion, its beautifully done! I love half square triangles, you and Jane are excellent collaborators.

Erin | house on hill road

drop the feed dogs and make some practice sandwiches! you can totally do it, blair. Two layers of acrylic felt is great for practicing too.


I never tire of a half-square triangle. Love the name fmq in. Perfect touch.


oh, erin.
i want to make quilts like you.
this is spectacular!


wowee, it's the perfect quilt. It's so appealing in every way! love the subtle name embroidery.

Chase  l  Oh The Cuteness!

That quilt is amazing! And I love how you quilted her name into it!


Oh, this is gorgeous! I love the subtle embroidery!


I am totally going to use your twist pin idea on my son's bed~ thanks for the tip! Lovely quilt... and the name just makes it more personal and special.


I love, love this quilt! Stitching baby's name is one of the sweetest details I've ever seen.


This one is beautiful too! Lucky little girls.

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