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January 8

I pulled out the sewing machine and made a tablecloth. And although a tablecloth would not appear to be very newsworthy, I'm giddy with myself and the finished product. I've had this idea in my head for a long time - way too long, actually. Like six months too long. It's the first of the household projects that I want to complete in 2012. And, really, I don't know why I didn't tackle this one sooner. I am already so happy that I have it and we used it tonight, me sitting at the table eating my broccoli soup smiling the whole while. And smiling again afterwards when all the little soup spills were wiped up lickety-split. Love that.

New tablecloth

The construction was very straightforward. I contemplated writing up a tutorial, but I didn't get enough photos while I was making it. I think it took about 3 hours start to finish, including a little break when I sewed through my finger. (Yes. I know. OUCH. But, really, I'm fine.) Injuries aside, it was a great one-day project. My table is 48" in diameter so I cut a 49" circle out of this laminated cotton. The fabric is 58" wide so it's perfect for a small-ish dining table. The laminated cotton can be sticky and tricky to sew. I used a walking foot when I could and pressed with low heat and a pressing cloth. Sometimes it was just as easy to finger press so I did that, too. The skirt is made from four - 8" widths of the fabric, hemmed on one side and sewn together and pleated every 6 inches (the depth of the pleats are 2"). I made some piping using the scraps and then I sewed the skirt to the circle with the piping in between the two layer using a 1/2" seam allowance. That's it - pretty much a perfect fit. In my mind, the pleats were crisper, but I know that is a function of the laminated cotton and my lack of pressing the pleats. No biggie. I'm thrilled with it just the way it is.

And other happy things? Season 2 of Downton Abbey starts tonight. Love that, too.



It is adorable.


It is gorgeous! I love it & wish I had a round table :)


I'm so glad I saw this tonight! I haven't seen the show but saw a commercial for it last week and tried to search for it so I could set my DVR. I thought it was "DownTOWN Abbey" and was bummed I couldn't find it! All set to record now, thank you!

Sarah :: greenclogs

Awesome! I've been dying to do the same thing. My table is 54" round, so I could squeak it out of there. I just may be following your lead this week.


Love the tablecloth. I need to pin that! Also, I sewed through my fingernail when I quilted my niece's quilt and it took about 6 months to regrow! And all Downton Abbey did was pray for a season 3:)

Account Deleted

So lovely. And don't you love those projects that you finish and say why didn't I do it sooner.


I love your tablecloth and you've given me a great idea. I've been tired of washing placemats all the time. I'm going to make some oilcloth placemats to wipe off! Thanks!!!!


I've sewn through my finger, too! It was late, I was pregnant. Glad yours wasn't that bad - though it's nothing if not surprising at the time! Tablecloth looks lovely (so do those warm floors)...


So nice table cloth!!! J.


Love your tablecloth. I made two fitted round tablecloths and just love them. Great job!!!


Love, love love Downton Abbey. So glad it is on again. I also love your tablecloth. I still haven't decided if my young crew is ready for one. Maybe in another year or so.


Love that cloth!! Pretty ruffled edges - you should be giddy.

Tanya, another DA fan!!


Good going! Love that contrast of tailored/crisp pleats against yellow and ruffles.

And speaking of little things... the piecing of that ruffle ROCKS. Just look at all those nicely lined up repeats...


Love that table cloth - it's beautiful! I'm right there with you on Downton Abbey, too...I just love that show!


It's beautiful! I love projects that make me smile everytime I see them.


Sooo adorable! I love it! you did an excellent job!!


I am now actually caught up on Downton Abbey (thanks to Kyrie suggesting I watch it on my phone!), and can now watch it along with the rest of you. Cute table cloth, also!

A few years ago I sewed through my entire finger. It was pretty bad! I ended up needing antibiotics and I still have a tiny bit of nerve damage in the tip of my finger. I probably wouldn't notice this at all if I didn't play the cello. However, it's not bad enough to prevent me playing, thankfully.


A new table cover is a perfect thing to celebrate. I just blogged about a piano cover. It took hardly any time to make but will make all the world of a difference for the music teacher.

Thanks for the TV recommendation. Since I haven't seen any yet, I have a good amount to catch up on but not too much to feel overwhelmed.


Oh, yum! I love Loulouthi. Your tablecloth looks fantastic.


Amazing Erin, something to enjoy everyday!


I usually just throw the oilcloth or laminated cotton onto our 30" x 50" table but I think you've inspired me to make something more fitted. Maybe I'll even put some binding on the bottom for a nice finished edge. I only sew by hand, but it shouldn't take too long.

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