Household sewing project #3
A cushion for our chair

A quilt for Truly





I made this quilt for Melissa and her sweet baby girl, Truly.

I used the Proverbial Quilt pattern by Denyse Schmidt. This is the third time I have used this for a baby quilt and I love how it comes together quickly and is still interesting to make. For the fabrics I used Kona Snow and three different Liberty of London prints from my stash (one for the letters, one for the back, one for the binding). I wanted something girly, but not too pink or too cutesy and I really think the Liberty does the trick. It is also so super soft which is wonderful when sewing for baby. I quilted it myself with a very loose figure-eight style of loops. This was my first time quilting a pattern like this and I like how it came out.

I was incredibly happy almost every minute spent working on this. It was the most fun I've had sewing in a long time. It may have something do with the materials or the pattern. Heck, it could even be that I am just feeling plain old creative these days. Imagine that! Regardless of why, I'd like to think that the fun is infectious and that my smiles traveled across the country, wrapped up with the quilt to bless the sweet baby girl and her family. I am thrilled for them.

Welcome to the world, Truly.



It it truly wonderful. Thank you for reminding me of this pattern. Happy day! I hope the sun is shining there like it is here.

melissa f.

giddy. i am (we are) positively giddy about this. she's wrapped up in right now.

blair/wise craft

I really can't believe how beautiful it is Erin. Liberty seems so so perfect for her (and I love that it matches the pillow!).


This is so lovely!


oh my, this is just so beautiful!


So wonderful!

Alicia A.

It's absolutely gorgeous, Erin!


Oh, E! What a meaningful, beautiful gift for sweet Truly! You are an amazing friend. xo


Simply perfect.


How wonderful! Truly is one lucky baby!

Mary--The Yellow Door Paperie

This is so beautiful, I love the small florals you've chose. And that name, Truly. It's just divine.

beth lehman

Lovely - I love the Liberty!! The quilting is great, too, I'd love to try this pattern out on my next quilt!

Mama Urchin

Such a wonderful gift.


Hi, I just found your blog tonight. I am just starting a baby quilt and adore the name on the back. I can't figure out how you did that. Is it pieced?

Erin | house on hill road

Hi Gayle - the name is pieced using the Proverbial Quilt pattern by Denyse Schmidt. The link is above! - Erin


I love this quilt! the liberty and simplicity of it is beautiful.


Another beautiful masterpiece, Erin! Your continued project progress is inspiring!

bread and buttons

Love it! I love everything about it; the simplicity of it, the quilting, the fabric choices. Really, a gorgeous quilt.


just stunning.


Hi Erin, I've been enjoying your blog since I found it, so I'm passing along an award. :) Stop by

Also, the quilt is beautiful. :)


now if THAT doesn't guarantee some sweet dreams, i don't know what will.

just lovely, erin.

susan b.

Beautiful, just lovely!!

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