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Household sewing project #3

Never did I think I would be taking photos of my laundry room and posting them on my blog.

But I am.

Laundry 3

Across from our washer and dryer is a countertop with upper cabinets. I think it was probably intended to be used as a folding station with room for laundry baskets or the like underneath. For us, though, it works best as a desktop/command central.

Laundry 2

I keep the calendar here along with all pens, pencils and markers that the girls and I use frequently. There is also a huge stack of looseleaf paper and other office essentials like a stapler, pencil sharpener and paper shredder. We each have our own clipboard for keeping important papers and invitations. It's not always this neat and tidy, and often a lot of what should be here is on the kitchen counter, but I'm trying to be more organized this year and so it recently got a good cleaning.


Here's where the sewing part comes into play.

Underneath the counter is the litter box and the cat food. No one wants to look at that so I have made it all disappear with a little slight of hand. Oh, okay, not really. A curtain does the trick. Scout, the cat, can slide right behind that fabric to do her business and no one is the wiser. I used home dec weight fabric - 2 yards cut into 1 yard lengths, pre-washed and sewn together. A quick hem at the bottom and casing at the top was all it took to neaten and soften up this utilitarian space. Bonus: I can easily take it off and throw it in the wash if need be. Also, I love that this stripe has green and blue in it because it's directly across the hall from our powder room and off of our family room - it all looks so good together.

Boring? Probably. But it's checked off the list. Two more household projects left to complete and I will have sewn all the household projects I intended to make in 2012. Not too shabby, huh?

Happy weekend, folks. I hope you have a great one.



i love projects like this. so satisfying. nicely done!


yes, this is one of those projects that get put off forever, then you finally do them and they take very little time and you're so satisfied to have it done and all you can think is why the hell didn't i just do this years ago? i need to get on some of these projects for our house. happy weekend erin!


It's a good feeling to get a project like this done. And I LOVE your green ceiling in your powder room! I have a couple not white ceilings in my house too!


This is great - and LOVE the clipboard idea!

Sherri B.

What a good idea...looks great!


brilliant! such a good solution. you are rocking out with the house projects this year!
happy friday, erin!


Sometimes the simple projects can be so very satisfying.


As a professional organizer and someone who loves to sew, I love the mix of the two. I often have to be less create when it comes or organizing other's homes, but not mine!


not boring. you are getting stuff done and inspiring the rest of us.


I like seeing people's command stations!


Wow! Congrats! I feel so behind, especially since I spent my "sewing day" schlepping through blogs! Guess I'll go get at it! Your concealer curtains look great.


Great idea! I wish I had a laundrey room in stead of a laundrey/pantry closet. I do like the curtain and cat idea. I recently did this with a table in my den that my printer sits on and my desk like stuff you have above. The curtain I used was have of a recycled vintage quilt top-it is distressed so not a gem. After struggling for ten years of where to put it(and having no room like you have above!) it works great! I may add a curtain to the end and hide it completely like you did.


Sometimes the simplest projects take me the longest to accomplish but give me the greatest sense of satisfaction. I like the privacy curtain you made. :-)


Wow - you have only 2 more sewing projects to do for 2012? So envious, I need to get my rear in gear. Reading about what others are getting done is starting to rub off and I just might finish the "to do" list in 2012.

Mama Urchin

That clipboard idea is a good one, I might have to steal it.


Looks great makes me want to clean or sew something right now. What a great little nook for the family.

Erin | house on hill road

I kept my "absolutely must do" list very small so I could accomplish it in a relatively short amount of time. I figure that way, anything else I sew is a bonus!


Super awesome! I wish I had a "command" center. Your home sewing is looking great.


Such a great idea, who would've known Scout's box was behind that curtain?


I love your idea and so glad you posted this. I plan on doing the similar thing in my laundry room though its more extensive. My "room" is really just a closet with side by side washer/dryer but I plan on replacing them with the stacked kind so I can gain a place for a folding station and a permanent home for my litter box! I thought a curtained door for it would be adequate also. I love the striped fabric. I love that your counter has drawers too. It's something for me to think on. Thanks for sharing. : )


We really need something like this for under the sink in our bathroom..I just need to get around to doing it. Thank you for the reminder, it's what I needed.


I'm glad to know the cat goes under the fabric to use the box. I just bought fabric a few days ago to do the same thing in our laundry room! I'm hoping it won't bother Destiny and Derby!

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