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Household sewing project #5

Little log cabins

Little log cabins

Walking through the kitchen yesterday, I spotted a one of our log cabin potholders sitting on the table and found myself smiling. Immediately, I decided that I needed to make more little log cabins. I rummaged through the scrap bin, pulling a handful of pinks, blues and greens that were left over from various camera straps and Jane's quilt. I brought them downstairs to the family room (where I have been sewing lately) and set them on the table for later. After dinner, I spent forty minutes stitching and cutting. It was fun and satisfying. It also reminded me that sometimes I just need a little time to play with fabric - no agenda, cutting without a ruler, sewing strips together willy-nilly, making for making's sake.

Also, is it crazy that spying little handmade things makes me insanely happy?



i love spying your log cabin potholder in my kitchen :) (in fact, it pretty much lives on our kitchen table as the coffee pot trivet!) and i was just thinking the other day that i need to make some more log cabins. they are a fun way to just play. what are you going to do with these?


I love that apple fabric!


Perfectly sane! Like you've I've come to the realization that my days must contain certain activities or I just feel off. Making is one of those acitivities, be it delicious dinner or something from fabric.


One of my lifelong goals is to have as much as I can in my house be handmade (hopefully by me). I think it's wonderful to look around you and see all the lovely things you've made,


Love the colors and mix of prints! I made a wedding present pillow last week with their last name in the center and Log Cabined around it. Log Cabined is a verb right?

Sweet Posy Dreams

Those would make me happy, too! Love the cheerful prints.


How fun! I just read Modern Log Cabin Quilting by Susan Beal yesterday and have fallen in love with some of the projects. I haven't ever done a log cabin but I'm craving what sounds like could be a quick fix.


Not crazy at all....that's why we like making for making's sake. So we can feel those satisfying pangs of joy. Love how you fussy cut the apples in the centers. Those are great! My potholders are in a sad stained and scorched. You've set me up with a great idea for spring!

OK....have to ask.......a while ago you bought the Liberty of London bundle that I've eyed on Purl Bee. Any progress? No pressure, just interest! :-)

Erin | house on hill road

Oh, so funny you mention the Liberty, Brooke...I was just thinking about it this morning. Here's what's going on: the top is entirely pieced and I own the fabric for the back. I need to finish piecing the back and then quilt it. I'm trying to figure out my quilting plan and once I decide on how to quilt it, it'll be next in line. My goal is to have it finished by May. Feel free to check back with me - I can always use a little accountability!


Looks like fun! I need to make a few for my food photography adventures!!


I love the log cabin potholders. Would you consider adding them to things you sell in your shop?

Erin | house on hill road

Hi Karen - Thank you! I'm not sure if I'll sell them or not - I'll certainly consider the idea, though. Erin

Mama Urchin

I think you know how I fell about log cabins. I have a stack of them ready and waiting for whenever I find myself in need of one.


i know what you mean about finding joy in handmade things. i'm right there with ya.


Those are so incredibly happy and spring-like! Thanks for the smile. = )


These are so cute and cheerful!


so cute and beautifil! Love the cheerful prints.thank you for sharing article! I will continue noticing your blog!

Chase  l  Oh The Cuteness!

Those are great! I'm dying to try a log cabin, I've never made one before. And I know just what you mean about wanting to do some spontaneous, free-form sewing. I just finished a baby quilt top that I randomly pieced together in a night and I love it!


Wonderful cheerful prints! What is not to love.


What gorgeous fabrics you have used in your potholders. Lovely


Not sure if my comment worked, but I love these!

mary ellen peterson

a little willy-nilly, sometimes that's all we need. :>)

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