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February 14

I'm having one of those days. The kind where it would have been better to not get out of bed at all. It started with some less than stellar parenting and has gone downhill from there. I'm trying to turn it around by adjusting my attitude, but it was a half day of school and the ten year-old is singing Christmas carols. Loudly. Off-key. In February.

On the bright side, I did receive my rainbow of Lark yarns from Quince & Co. earlier this week. Blair is promising a granny square tutorial and I'm going to go for another afghan fully knowing it may take me three years to make it. And I'm not even counting how long it'll take to hand wind all those skeins into usable balls. Maybe it's time for a swift and ball winder. Any recommendations would be appreciated.


rachel | buttons magee

what is it with the christmas carols?! my girls were doing it on sunday. and i'll tell you, just looking at all this yarn has me wanting to make something. hugs to you...wish we could have an afternoon latte. :) xo, rach


I had a Monday like that this week. The type of day that you know will pass but you can't for the life of you make yourself feel better...sigh... Honestly, loud, off-key Christmas Carols will get always get you cranky :) Tomorrow will be better.


Getting a box full of beautiful rainbow coloured yarn would certainly cheer me up - what beautiful colours! I have to say, I'd give a lot for some off-key Christmas carols right now. My children have determined that random, repetitive noises make me freaking insane. Guess what they've been doing all day? Hope the rest of your week goes better. :)


i wind by hand. will stop back to see what you get for recommendations. i want to learn to crochet, but shouldn't right now. there are too many things in the works. will enjoy the process through you. quince is lovely. this will feel amazing. actually that could be my mental block with crochet, now that i think about it. i keep thinking about that horrid acrylic crochet from way back in the day.
i think you'll have fun with this! xo and chin up. there is tomorrow!


I'm not knowledgable about swift and ball winders, but I do love your new yarn and your new header!


I'd love to know how you like the yarn. I've been dreaming about some of their yarn...but don't know of anyone who has used it before...

Mama Urchin

I don't use a winder though I do have a swift. Mine is just a wooden one, from KnitPick I think. I like winding by hand because I can catch anything funny (like a knot) while I'm winding. Plus, I don't like knitting from a center-pull ball. I guess that's weird though.


I have an awesome and unique swift that I blogged about here:
Also, you may not know that your granny square afghan TOTALLY inspired me to make one. I blogged about that (and linked to yours!) here:
I can't wait to see what your next one looks like. I am knitting with Lark right now for the first time -- it's quite nice.

Kathleen Marie

I hope your day gets better. I don't have kids and don't know how to crochet or knit so I'm of zero help with the winding, but wanted to stop by to wish you a better day and maybe suggest ear plugs? :)


The random screaming, growling, bellowing is driving me insane today. I keep saying, "please just be quiet." Love Quince & Co. What a beautiful rainbow. I have an umbrella swift and plastic winder winder. They work well. The Yarn Harlot did a mini-recommendation for swifts and winders during the holidays. I will see if I can find it.


Found it:

Account Deleted

Gorgeous! That rainbow will be the prettiest afghan. I've been thinking about a swift/ball winder too. I spent 30 minutes in the middle of my yarn shop today, winding and thinking about why I should probably invest.

Mary Lou

I would faint at the sight of all that gorgeous yarn! But, I'm ok now! I have a winder thing and love it but I don't know what brand it is. Got it at my yarn shop. Knitting Sisters.com.

Erin | house on hill road

Too bad we aren't neighbors...we could share!


Your yarn is beautiful and will be a gorgeous granny square afghan. I'm having one of those days too. Everything I touch failed - I couldn't even start a granny square and I've made hundreds of them. You should have seen the quiche too.
I have great hopes for tomorrow for you and me!

lisa s

i am all too familiar w/ those kind of days -
LOVE the rainbow yarn though.....

hope it turned around.


The Quince yarn looks luscious! One of my favorite bloggers received this swift for her birthday, and really likes it: http://www.knittingnotionsonline.com/index.php?l=product_list&c=1

Hope the singing stops soon:) I have a three year old, and her current favorite is called Pee-Pee in the Potty, sung by Kimya Dawson. I just realized that we've played it almost 2500 times (iTunes keeps a tally). Needless to say, we're taking a break from that for awhile, a loooong while!


That yarn rainbow would cheer up anyone! I have a wooden swift from Joann's that I was given as a gift, couldn't bring myself to spend that much money on myself! But it is awesome. And wonderful. And it amazes the kids!

beth billups

my mom has a swift (which i gave her for mother's day) and that comes in handy for the big projects. but i love hand winding and i too find myself addicted to quince & co yarn and after two annabel sweaters i am longing to start agnes...but what color to choose? the rainbow of yarn is gorgeous and inspiring!


I'm hoping you have a sunny day of parenting today!


My Amish-style yarn swift is just about the best purchase I ever made. I love it because it's so simple and brilliant plus it comes apart easily to store in its little box when I'm not using it. http://www.amazon.com/ChiaoGoo-Amish-Design-Wooden-Yarn-Swift/dp/B0033F0A40 I hope your day got better.

Nirupama Kumar

I love knitting things in rainbow. Check out my entrelac baby blanket if you want ideas
http://avinashhecker.blogspot.com/2011/03/double-rainbow.html . Except I never really put it on the baby b/c I don't want her throwing up on it....

Lisa Clarke

There must be something in the air... I started a granny square blanket just last weekend. I was so excited to get moving on it! But first I had to deal with the unwound yarn. Not my favorite chore. I ended up paying my 8yo a dollar per skein to give me a hand with them. Well worth the money. Still, a swift and ball winder would have been *much* better!

Looking forward to seeing your progress!

Whispering Oak

The colors are beautiful. Well, receiving those skeins IS like a second Christmas worth caroling about!


I use a nostepinne. I like the combination of hand winding (in front of a good movie when the littles have gone to sleep) with center pull results.

I look forward to reading about your Lark experience.


seriously? you have got to get a swift and a winder!!!!
It's a job the girls would love too :)


Now THAT appeals to my love of colour. Thanks for brightening the day

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