My yarn rainbow
And now it grows

This is how it goes


I couldn't wait to start so I forged ahead without a swift and ball winder. I do think that they would be excellent gifts (ahem, Fatty.). But for now, I'm doing it by hand. I wind three skeins and then I get to make 1 granny square. Rinse and repeat.

Blair's tutorial is up. Go and learn. Then get hooking. I am using a Clover size 7 hook (4.5mm). It's between a G and a H and seems to be a good size for the Lark yarn. I bought it at JoAnn's - all crochet hooks are on sale this week, in case you are in the market for one.

Sometimes I wonder how I became so compulsive about making and about needing to do things right away. Now, not later. And then I remember that the key to my happiness is making. It has taken me a very, very long time to figure this out. I need to MAKE to feel fulfilled, to be centered, to be mindful, to be present. I have to remind myself of this frequently because it is so easy to get caught up in the house cleaning, grocery shopping, kid carting, dog walking of my daily life. Without the making, I am unbalanced and crabby. I don't like that side of myself and I know that family does not appreciate that part of me either. So, get ready. This year there will be constant self-reminders in the way of blog posts about MAKING for making's sake. Just thought I'd warn you.

Ok. That said, there's a box of yarn calling my name.



amen. i think we all need to answer the "making" call, without feeling like we need to justify, explain, feel guilty, or that it's something frivolous that can be pushed to the side.

happy weekend erin, hope it's full of making :) xo


you are making up a storm these days. it's so fun to watch!!!

Mama Urchin

It pays to know yourself, doesn't it? I can't wait to see all our beautiful grannies.

rachel | buttons magee

i need to listen to these reminders too. half of my projects never even get finished...I just need to always be working on something.


I agree with you 100%.
If there is a day when I don't get a chance to pick up my needles, or make something, it just feels like an empty day.


I'm just figuring that out about myself. If I get antsy, or start yelling, I know it's time to sit down with some art/craft supply and make something. Just the process of making something is so calming.

heather smith jones

You are so industrious Erin. And I agree, I like to make something once I get the idea, because that's when it's the freshest. Here's to a year (and more) of creativity!


So pretty and addicting,(lol) I am making these too!!


What a fantastic start. Yes, making is so vitally important to my sense of well-being too.


Oh yes, I definitely hear you on making for making's sake. That urge can be SO strong and it keeps me at peace, too. Keep it up!


I look forward to seeing all you are going to make. You are such an inspiration. That must be why I'm so crabby too, but I have to clean my sewing room to actually be able to make something. That's why I like to knit (my newest hobby) - I don't actually have to have my sewing room clean to do it!

barbara woods

i am retired but i have so many hobbies that i am busy all the time but i am blessed because so many people i talk don't have hobbies and their health goes down. they are bored . my life is not borring

Captain Crafty

I whole heartedly had that same realization about myself recently. It has been a tremendous help, knowing how to balance myself - knowing that by MAKING I keep myself sane!
I gift myself TIME to make whenever I possibly can, knowing that it's all good.

bread and buttons

I could certainly use the reminders, I feel like I am all over the place with my making. I find it harder to find the time now the kids re in school....or maybe I just find it harder to justify allowing myself to do it.


creating is the way spirits speak through us, so of course we're fulfilled when we create. some of my friends wonder how i have time to knit, bake, sew, garden, etc. i wonder how they don't have the time! it is my blessed sanity!


So fun! I have come very close to buying a swift. For now, I'll taking your suggestion and going to sit and watch my kids play while I knit.


I totally agree! Nice to know I'm not alone...and a reminder to be balanced.

Janet Taber

I love your granny-square making! I, too, love making. I'm not good at anything, really, but I love having a project in my hands, yarn running through my fingers, fabric to play with, a camera always at the ready. I don't crochet -- but you've almost -- almost -- inspired me to start!


They look so pretty!

I agree, making is really what centers me, reconnects me to things, and myself.

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