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Household sewing project #5

We're back in the laundry room, folks.

My final household sewing project that was on my goals list for 2012 is finished. It is so boring, but, hey, it really needed tackling. So without further ado, here is my new ironing board cover.

Ironing board

See? I told you - BORING.

BUT practical and pretty, too.

This is super easy to make. I used this tutorial as a basic guide. Lay down your fabric, trace around your ironing board, giving yourself about 4 inches all the way around. Make a casing for elastic around the perimeter (I serged my edges and folded them down once) and stitch it in place leaving a 2-inch opening. Use a safety pin to thread the elastic through the casing, try it on your ironing board to make sure it's nice and tight. Sew the ends of the elastic together and close up the casing. Done. In an hour or less.

Ironing board 2

So that's it. I just have the one quilt of 2012 to finish and I've hit all of my sewing goals for the year. And it's only March - that leaves me 9 months of solid sewing play. I love that.



great fabric choice! and good for you. playtime is awesome!


oh I love it! I need to do this too!!


That's not boring - it's gorgeous!


YES! When I did this (with DS fabric too, no less), it was one of my most satisfying sewing projects ever. Love yours - nicely done!


I'm jealous! My cover is so dreadful but it hasn't even made the list...yet.

Ashley Ann

Pretty! I can't convince myself to make one of those. It sounds so easy, but I just can't convince myself. Maybe someday!


OMG! That is so luscious. Not boring at all. I've been wondering how I would tackle this project since my cover was washed once and shrunk too much for my board. It's been like that for a couple years and every time I curse it. Not so great for all my clothes and quilts I've done.

Any chance you could put photos up of the other side - bottom to see how it looks. I always have a hard time translating words into images. Too visual.



i covet a lot of the things you make! :) you always have great fabric and you make me want to learn to sew.....i'm working on it!

Chase Clark

That looks great! Do you think fold-over elastic would work well for this instead of sewing a channel?

Erin | house on hill road

Hi Chase - I don't think foldover elastic would work as well. If it wasn't a perfect fit, you'd have issues with the fabric shifting as you iron, etc. I really had to tug on my elastic to get it to fit correctly. Erin

Steph W

Oh my goodness! I MUST do this! :-)

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