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Jodi's quilt

Jodi's quilt

This is my friend Jodi's 40th birthday present. She got it just about 2.5 years late. Thank goodness she is a patient person!

(I'm sorry the photos are crap - I wrapped it up and mailed it off before I really looked at them so there's no going back.)

I made this quilt over 8 months. I pieced a couple of the squares last summer and wasn't feeling it so I set them aside. When I pulled them back out this winter, I knew exactly what I needed to do. Funny how taking time away from something makes it all clear, isn't it?

The blocks are log cabin-ish. I snuck little bits of some of my favorite fabrics in them. I loved having the limited palette of green and brown - it made me really think about the values of the colors and the patterns. The blocks are all different sizes - I just used the Kona snow to fill out the column width and then added more to each side to get the whole top. I didn't measure it, but it's pretty generous - maybe 65 x 80" or so? The back is two solids from my stash - one green and one brown - separated by a strip of a print with a little patchwork for flavor. I quilted it myself with the figure 8-ish loops in white thread and then hand bound it with a lime green solid. And although it is not perfect, I'm so happy with how it came out. The birthday girl likes it, too!

With this quilt complete, I have knocked all 2012 sewing goals off of my list. That feels pretty darn good. Anything from this point on will be like icing on the cake.

Jodi's quilt 2

Jodi's quilt 3



I love that you've met all your sewing goals for the year! So fantastic.


It's gorgeous!

Have a lovely day!


What a lucky birthday girl.


You're done with your 2012 goals already? Congratulations!! That's amazing.


(2nd try at posting - I hope it doesn't show up twice)
Excellent! Go you! I recently put two quilts in the mail that were years in progress. Eh, it happens. Better late than never, right?

Alicia A.

I really like all the white. It really showcases the squares.


I just turned 40 earlier this month. I think I need to find someone to make me a birthday quilt. Even at 2.5 yrs late, it is wonderful. Way to go on the yearly accomplishment. March isn't even over yet!

Jill E.

It's beautiful Erin!


Your friend must have been thrilled. Love your sewing goals :)

chris carleton

This is fantastic erin, I love all the white. What a lucky friend!

beth lehman

i love it! i made my three besties from college quilts last year for their 40ths! you can't go wrong with a quilt - no matter when you gift it!


gorgeous, i love it! great job quilting it, too.


What a wonderful gift! She is so lucky to have you as a friend! 50th is fast approaching :)


Lovely quilt. And way to go on finishing all your sewing goals! Maybe I need to write mine down....I might actually finish the Single Girl quilt I started 2 or 3 years ago. :)


Some gifts just need time. This is worth the wait.


I would be patient for something so beautiful. I hope she loves it. I like the figure eights. I have been trying to figure out a good quilting pattern for my free motion quilting and mine is similar, but quite a bit bigger. You have done an awesome job.

lisa s

it's really gorgeous erin. i love the slight off kilter-ness of it... and the colors... yum


oh my. just seeing this now. well done! xo.


what a great quilt, erin!

and you are a ROCK STAR for completing all your sewing goals for the year already. i see lots of icing in your future! :)


Lucky lucky lucky friend...btw...I'm patient :))) lol

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