KCWC: Days 5 & 6
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KCWC: Day 7


Jane got a Tova of her own, but she didn't want a dress so I made her the top. Just like with Kate's, I sewed the bottom half of the placket closed. When she tried it on before I hemmed it, she thought it was too long so I cut 4.5" off the bottom. Once I had it hemmed up, I thought it might have been better a smidge longer. But, hey, Jane likes it and it fits so it's a win in my book.

I had a TON of fun sewing for my girls this past week. Thanks, Meg, for hosting a great challenge! I look forward to the next one...I've already got some ideas!



I ADORE this one! I love the fabric!

beth lehman

it's beautiful. great fit!


I'm so into the sewing you did for the girls this week. I've made the tova a few times for friends and I'm so glad you went ahead with it-- I've also bound the neck in bias tape instead of doing the stand collar, which turns put pretty cute.
The girls look fantastic. Good job, mama.


What an awesome top and a lucky girl. I wish I had the talent for sewing clothes, I'll just stick to my patchworking for now.

ko. s

Oooooo I love this! Great job. You are inspiring me to dabble in clothing :)


I bet that 4.5 inches gets reworked into a camera strap. :-)

Congrats on such a productive week.


no need to wait for fall :) the tovas are fantastic. Would it be okay if I linked to the conversation in your comments about sewing for older girls? It's such a good resource.

Erin | house on hill road

of course - link away! i plan on delving into the topic some more myself. i think it will require extensive research, don't you?

mary ellen peterson

you did a great job on your marathon sewing, and the fabrics rock. love the tova pattern! tweens/teens can be tricky, may be easier to use a 14 and go bigger. enjoy the Derby Week festivities. :>)

Oh, the possibilities!

Wow you are so inspiring. Love the fabrics. Your girls look extra beautifaul in their clothes made by mama.

Rachel at Stitched in Color

You made so many lovely things for your girls last week. It's so fun to see! I like the way the placket looks sewn clothed rather than buttoned.

Also, I followed the bias facing tutorial you sent me and it worked wonderfully. Thanks again!

Erin | house on hill road

I'm glad the tutorial was helpful!

Mary Lou

Very nice! Love the fabrics. Girls too...

Chelsea  Slaven-Davis

What a productive week! I love this as a shirt. +Chelsea


This is just beautiful! I love the fabric

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