For the love of Liberty, the end
It felt like summer

Crafting a cool and a warm summer

I'm anticipating the end of the school year by lining up portable projects for summer crafting. The girls finish 4th and 6th grades next Thursday (I know - time flies!) and are gearing up for a busy summer. I'll be driving to and fro, as well as waiting during practices (field hockey and swimming) and taking some road trips so handwork is definitely in order. I also like to have something to work on in the evenings, in front of the TV - if I don't, my hands are busy feeding my mouth food I do not need. So really, it's a diet necessity.

Granny palette

First up, I am super excited about Blair's granny square sampler along. I took her advice and saw what yarn I had on hand. I have a good variety of Cascade 220 in my yarn bin. I pulled out all the cool colors - blues, greens and purples along with the dark gray and cream. After a trip to the yarn store, I was able to add the aqua, lightest purple and light gray to the mix getting what you see above. The two greens on the right? Only one will make the final cut - I'm waiting to see what other greens I can get my hands on before I make a final decision. The light blue may also be on the chopping block. I'd rather find a lighter aqua. Fingers crossed that the second yarn shop will have what I am looking for and if not, I'll be turning to the internet.

Medallion palette

Second, I've enrolled in Rachel's Handstitched Summer camp/class. I'm looking forward to working on some portable sewing projects. The previews on her blog are getting me itchy to start. I can just see myself stitching poolside. Really. I'm especially anxious to begin work on the Modern Medallion quilt. For this one, I see more warm colors - oranges, pinks, berries. I've started auditioning fabrics and I'm desperately trying to stick to the stash for this one, although I may need to add some solids and maybe a couple more colors. This is a good start, though - I'm happy where it's going.

What about you? Do you have big, or small, summer crafting plans? I'd love to hear about them. Do tell.



I'm also excited about the granny-square-along and love to see everyone's colors. I'm having a hard time finding blues to go with my pinks/yellows/greens/gray but yours look great.

ko. s

I love that fabric collection you've pulled! So warm and sunshiney! I'll be working on rescuing a quilt of my great grandmother's, a very big undertaking!

Mousy Brown

I signed up for Rachels class too and really can't wait to get sewing! Feeling a bit nervous now I know how good my classmates are going to be... :D


I enrolled in Handstitched class also. I'm heading to the fabric store today to check out some fabrics. I have a palette in mind, but quite a small stash so nothing that really works for this particular quilt. I can't wait to see what you come up with. Those fabrics are very nice!


That stack is lovely!

Meg Evans

At the end of last summer, I decided to make a granny square blanket (don't love the word afghan). My intention was to use up my many leftover balls of yarn. After letting it fall by the wayside over the winter, I decided that small squares would be the perfect thing for summer. I just ordered six more skeins of cascade 220 (so much for stash-busting). Webs is having their annual sale right now in case your second yarn shop doesn't work out. I love your color selections--for both of your projects.

Happy almost summer!

Jacqueline Jones-Blacker

Oh, I can't wait to see what wonderful things you create. I was soooo close to signing up for Rachel's class a few days ago, and then got real with myself... I have waaay too much on my plate right now, and way too many unfinished projects laying around. Love, love, love, the medallion quilt, almost signed up for that alone! ENJOY!!!


I love your current orangy-pink warm and lush color pallette for Rachel's class. As for me, I'm having my first baby near the end of July so he will be my summer project...especially since my friends with kids laugh every time I tell them I intend to spend time in my studio after he's born. Oh, and pre-baby I'm going to finish at least three mixed-media pieces for an open art show due mid June. Yes, I am. = )


My summer plans are so crazy right now since we are living in D.C. temporarily. I am hoping to crochet with Blair this summer. I wanted to do the hand stitch course, but I just don't see it happening. Love the yarn palette. They are the same colors I am drawn to.


I'm so excited you are taking Rachel's class. I will look forward to seeing your class projects.


love your plans! i'm working on knitting a few wedding blankets, but those aren't exactly good for traveling (or hot weather) so i've got a second sock to finish and then i'm hoping to FINALLY start my alabama chanin bloomers skirt. that's going to be my travel project. super excited about that one.

Indiana Lori

I've promised my husband I won't get estimates for repainting the 1st floor until I finish all of the 1st floor curtains. Fair 'nuff!!


I have NO idea! I do know that dolls will not be part of it this year, which is bittersweet (mostly sweet! ha!), and I suppose my big "craft" project will be unpacking and getting the house in order. My yarn budget may be lent out to my light fixture budget ... I have my eye on some beauties!

But seriously, with two kids on swim team this summer (for the first time), with two different practice times, plus the baby being old enough for (and wanting) swimming lessons, I think I'm looking at 2-3 hours a day at the pool. So there will need to be some knitting. We're going to be at a different pool now and I'm shy, so chatting won't take up all the time. ;)

Elisabeth wants a pullover sweater, and James could use a cardigan, and the cutest things out there are for Fiona's size, so the possibilities are staggering! :)

Love the colors for your granny squares. I want to do that, too, but oh, I am so intimidated by crochet.

And your quilt is going to be amazing!



I try to get a small quit in my floor frame. Having it draped over my lap in the July heat is not the most comfy, but I still need to quilt. I have quite a few tops to chose from ... haven't decided which one yet!


Loving those fabrics! Sounds like you have some very fun projects coming up, yay!


I just found your blog several weeks ago, and you've inspired me to take a sewing class this summer, so thank you! p.s. I think we'll also be making some hula hoops too. Enjoy your summer.


Love that fabric you've pulled. I also love some hand sewing for the summer. I've been doing the Ferris Wheel Along and have just done enough joined wheels to create a cushion top. So much fun!

Rachel at Stitched in Color

Your selection of yarns is very inviting. I have trouble deciding between those greens on the right too. The darker one seems to add more contrast, but the upper one is more bright/light.

How fun to see my class on your list of summer projects!!! Great fabrics.


love your color choices for the yarn! Makes me want to do some granny squares too! Love your fabric colors too!

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