KCWC: Day 7
Crafting a cool and a warm summer

For the love of Liberty, the end

People, I have been holding out on you.


I finished the Liberty quilt awhile back, three weeks ago give or take a couple of days. It has been happily residing on our king sized bed since and we have been slumbering quite happily below it. I love this quilt just like I knew I would.



It is backed in an aqua free spirit voile (water). I bought 7 yards and railroaded it with all the little Liberty scraps in a patchwork strip down the middle. The combination of the Tana Lawn on the front and the voile on the back is dreamy. DREAMY. It is super soft and a bit silky, with not much weight at all. To make sure that I didn't lose the airy, summer weight quilt I was going for, I used the lightest weight cotton batting I could find - Quilters Dream Cotton Request. It was a good choice - light and drapey, perfect for this quilt. I quilted it on my machine using the basic guidelines for an orange peel design as shown by Elizabeth Hartman of Oh, Frannson!, except that I found it easier to quilt side to side instead of up and down. The squares made for an easy quilting guide - bonus! I wanted something more than straight lines and I didn't want loops. I think this was a wonderful choice - it's not too busy, but still interesting and geometric. On the front, it's not very noticeable, but on the back - boy, oh boy! It looks like an entirely different quilt.


I machine sewed the binding to the front and hand stitched it to the back. I had a hard time choosing what to bind this with as I wanted it to compliment the quilt, but not compete with it. I ended up using this Liberty print that doesn't appear in the patchwork, but that is still floral and has some pink. I think the dark brown grounds the whole quilt well.


And because I know someone will ask, here it is on the bed, just as it is, no styling. I think some new pillow shams are in order. And maybe a switchplate? That's only been missing for 6 years. Ahem. But, best not to rush these things, quilts included. This one was certainly worth the 1.5 year wait.

(Other quilt details such as fabric, square size, etc. can be found in these posts: For the love of Liberty, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5)



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So gorgeous. So jealous. Love it.


It is stunning, and I feel like I can imagine just how amazingly soft it is! Love the missing switchplate.


I love it! I've made one King sized quilt on my machine and I swore I'd never do it again but then I got a King sized bed so I think I have to try again. But I'm thinking quilt as you go in blocks, and I love the idea of the circles you used!


Absolute gorgeous -- I've been dreaming of doing that someday. So far I only have a small collection of Liberty fabric so it won't be anytime soon.

Michele H.

wow! love this so much. this is absolutely stunning!


look at your beautiful unstyled bedroom :)
and what a quilt eh!!

Jacqueline Jones-Blacker

This is truly beautiful, what a wonderful summer quilt for your bed. I think I remember that you use a Bernina... how difficult was it wrestling this baby through your machine?


oh wow. that is exactly my kind of quilt, erin. beautifully done!


Love the quilt!


Stunning ... love the orange peel quilting .


Completely perfect!


Gorgeous!! I was waiting to see what you'd use for backing. My cousin asked me to work on a Liberty quilt for her (eeep!) and I've been debating what fabric would be best on the back. Didn't want something that would seem rough and heavy next to the oh-so-soft Tana lawn! Of course you came up with a perfect solution. And it looks BEAUTIFUL! Enjoy it. :)


wow, this is beautiful!!!

blair/wise craft

This quilt is so incredible and SO perfect in your room! Gosh, now I really really want that new sewing machine!

beth lehman

that is fantastic!!! i love it! liberty never ceases to make my heart pitter patter!! your quilting is great, too!

Mama Urchin

It's really beautiful Erin!


So gorgeous!


I love that quilt so much, Erin. Beautiful beautiful job - thank you for all the details.


stunning! looks lovely, comfy, and very cuddly!

Alicia A.



Wowzers. That looks great! LOVE the "orange peel"...which looks so hard. :)


I just love it! You are truly gifted. I adore the Liberty fabrics too. You are inspiring me to give it a whirl!


Absolutely beautiful! I just love it!

krista - Poppyprint

That looks absolutely gorgeous!!

Mary Lou

Beautiful! I know the work and love that went into it. Sleep well.

Lyn @ Oh, the possibilities!

Congratulations on finishing. The quilt looks fabulous.

Caron Mosey

It turned out so pretty! Love it!


Wow, it's a liberty scrapbook! I am really excited about how the quilting looks so different on the front and the back. I was unfamiliar with your batting so I will have to look that up. It sounds like it has some appealing qualities. Hope you have many great sleeps under this quilt.


The quilt is beautiful. You are always inspiring me. Don't worry about the light switch ors was missing for way longer than 6 years.

Jill E.

Beautiful Erin.


beautiful, beautiful...... i adore the quilting pattern!
ps - switch plates are totally over rated :)

Rachel at Stitched in Color

Congratulations, Erin! I don't have trouble believing that it IS absolutely dreamy. A treasure for sure.


Wow. Just wow. I have a king size bed, too, and the thought of sewing a quilt for it scares me. You did a wonderful job! It's absolutely beautiful.


absolutely awesome!! another job well done. enjoy.
Happy Mother's Day!!


It's spectacular, Erin. How wonderful to literally wrap yourself in cotton luxury at the end of each day. It's an heirloom in the making. Who needs a switch plate when this comfort awaits?


so beautiful, erin! what a joy it must be to sleep under.


Beautiful work! Have been working on a stash of squares for a king size quilt myself but have only done smaller lap sizes so far... But always good to dream! Thanks for the great inspiration and ideas!


So enviably lovely.


it looks amazing, erin! what a beautiful accomplishment.

Jessica B



It is beautiful and I love your choice of quilting!

Rineke Nanlohij

Wow, how lovely! The fabric (!), the quilting... Love it.

Erin | house on hill road

Hi Jacqueline - I have a Bernina 820 QE (I upgraded last summer) which has a very large throat so I had plenty of space to quilt this without wrestling at all. I can't speak to anything beyond that - this was my first king quilt! Erin


Erin, it's totally beautiful! You must just sit on it and look at all the different patterns.
Before last week I hadn't heard of Request, but now I've read about a couple quilts made with it. Will have to check it out!

Chara Michele

This is beautiful! I absolutely love how you quilted it! So perfect!


Beautiful! I love how this turned out.

Jessica M

Very beautiful!


So beautiful! Serious quilt envy!!!


Oh my Goodness, this is absolutely blooming beautiful!

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