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Granny 2

Here's my first week's homework made from my original stash of yarn.

May 28


Nine more colors arrived on Saturday and I quickly got working on this week's assignment. I'll probably keep going until I get to 14 three-round squares. I'm up to 20 colors, but I feel like the palette is cohesive if a bit crazy. And purple? Loving it these days, especially next to green.

I am really enjoying this project, especially since someone else is telling me what to do - thank you, Blair! If it were left up to me, I'd probably keep crocheting until I was burned out and then it would sit for a few months until I got the urge to work on it again. The one week at a time approach is great for me right now. It's a good lesson in patience (waiting for the next assignment) and follow through (getting a week's worth done on time). All good things.

It's not too late to join in, you know.


Sarah :: greenclogs

My yarn is arriving today for this week's assignment. I love your color palette - so beautifully spring-y. I think this approach is great for me too - I have so many things that I *want* to do that I end up spinning my wheels. The pace of this is perfect. Yay for Blair!


Loving your colors. I finished up week 2 last night. I feel like I'm using too many colors, but I can't help myself!!


I really like the cream, green and blue one!


i love your squares, and am a bit envious about using all the deliciously picked wool...
i'm working on reducing my stash...

Mousy Brown

I'm de-stashing too, so the colours are just what I have...I haven't learned how to stop though, my 14 became 20, they were just too addictive! :D

rachel | buttons magee

I keep thinking I will join in. I want to so badly. But I kind of have a feeling it would be a bad idea with the upcoming move. Regardless, I love seeing your progress! xo, r


I'm using up some of my cotton yarn for mine! I just started and caught up this weekend, it's so fun to make regular granny squares!


Love them, Erin. I only have the first week done, but I am eager to crochet the 14 for this week. I think a bit of stash and a bit new is perfect. And Blair's system works perfectly for me. The idea of crocheting a blanket is daunting, but itty bitty tasks is doable.


i know i've said this already (tonight) but i'm so glad to be doing this together!

Account Deleted

You are so welcome and I'm just happy you're doing it with us! Its making me even more excited about summer!


oh I wish I had the time to do this. Love the colors!

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