Crafting a cool and a warm summer
Sewing Machine 911


Natalie, the Chickenblogger

Looks like summer, too.
Lovely shots.


That all looks wonderful! It is full-on summer here in central Texas. I'm ready. I think.


wow. the produce looks amazing. so does the drink. i love your photos always.

ko. s

Lovely photos! Looks like summer to me too :)


It IS summer here! School is out as of yesterday afternoon. We are off to Holiday World today. :-)


delicious post! thanks for sharing all that goodness!

Rachel at Stitched in Color

Oooh! We just got our first corn in our CSA boxes. Yes, it does feel like summer today.


Well Sunday looked like a very good day.


Margaritas! *yum* Do you have a special (good!) recipe, Erin?

And - I am in awe on the amount of vegetables you are having in the garden. And a little bit envious, too.
Looks like you have a great sunday and I am looking forward to you being back with more. :-)


Please share any recommended cocktails with lime....I would love a new recipe. Love the photos.

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