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Claudia Miller recently asked me if I would take a look at her Craftsy class on sewing machines, Sewing Machine 911. I said yes and I'm so glad I did!


Claudia does a fantastic job showing and teaching what is what with sewing machines. From how to wind a bobbin and thread the machine to troubleshooting issues that come up while sewing and how to clean your machine, this class is a great for both new sewers and experienced ones alike. She covers drop-in bobbin machines and front loading ones as well so you know what to do no matter which kind of machine you have. The class is packed with useful information including a downloadable chart that helps with troubleshooting problems. My favorite part was machine hygene. Cleaning your sewing machine is a must and Claudia shows you just how easy it is. Another great thing about this class? It's FREE. What an incredible resource for no cost! I highly recommend that you check it out.


I am also a big fan of the video classes. This is the second one I've taken and there are so many other great ones available - sewing, knitting, gardening, jewelry making and more! Their platform is easy to use - you can skip around to different lessons and you don't need to sit down and watch the entire class in one sitting. There is also an area for you to jot video notes - great for looking back on! And finally, you have the opportunity to ask questions which can be answered by the instructor and other Craftsy users.

Have any of you taken Claudia's class? Or other Craftsy classes? I'd love to know what you'd recommend too.



I did take the 911 class and I would absolutely recommend it for a total beginner. I would take a Craftsy class again because of the way you can move around in the class. I HATE watching videos online because I get antsy, but this is wonderful because you can go here and there and back again -- all the lessons within each topic are cataloged well.


I am a huge Craftsy fan - every class I have taken has been so professionally done. Every instructor has been unique and I have felt I am getting a new and interesting classroom experience with each one. That is important because when you start taking more than a couple of classes you don't want them to all start running together in your head. Craftsy keeps it new! Another thing I love about this site is they are so customer friendly. They keep you up to date with a great newsletter that is just right in content and tone - they are constantly adding new classes - and always offering great discounts! They just do everything absolutely professional. Some of the classes I have taken are Diana Rupp's Sewing Studio (where you learn to sew a dress and a skirt); Susan Khalje's The Couture Dress class; Rigid Heddle Weaving with Angela Tong. I have signed up for (but haven't taken yet) Claudia's Sewing Machine 911 class and The Sassy Librarian Blouse class with Christine Haynes. I highly recommend this learning site - I have been so happy with all these classes and have learned so much! The "forever" access to the class videos is just priceless. Thanks for reviewing this, Erin!

Kathleen Bond

I took to the lace shawl knitting class with Laura Nelkin. It was terrific! I'd never tried anything that complex before; I couldn't have done it without that class and now I can't wait to do more lace knitting. Craftsy is great. And thanks for the "heads-up" on that sewing machine 911 class - I definitely need to try that one.


Omg, I'm all over this. I opened the bottom of my serger the other day.. and thought to myself, "how the heck do I clean this?" I mean it obviously needs cleaned, but I don't want to mess anything up. Thank for sharing this, and I have to admit I love that it's free, I'm kind of cheap. I've never heard of this resource and am now very excited to explore.


i have done a few craftsy classes-- i love that platform! i did crochet lab with vicki howell to get the basics down for the granny-square along! i thought it was fantastic-- everything was really clear and well-done. i also took stefanie japel's "fit your knits," which i looooved-- a more advanced class than the crochet one and really helpful. it covered all the basics of measurement, adjusting a pattern to fit your own bust/waist/hip measurements, bust darts. and i did sewing machine 911 last week. i actually felt like it was better for a total beginner than more intermediate (i was wanting more on troubleshooting with tension and issues like that) but i definitely was wishing there had been something like that when i first started sewing and was scared of my machine for months and months before i turned it on :) i'd love to see them do another class picking up where that one left off on advanced cleaning and repair, since my local place charges $120 just for a cleaning/ tuneup.
i'm in the middle of "decadent chocolate cakes" right now with alice medrich... might be trying out one of these cakes tomorrow so i will let you know how it goes :)


Thanks for the links. Putting them on the to-learn list for the summer!


Im taking Pepper Cory's class and love it love it...I have been quilting since 85 and can still learn something new..


So happy Craftsy came along! Very professional and fun!

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