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Handstitched t

Last weekend, I finished stitching this t-shirt for Rachel's hand stitching class. I really enjoyed working on this project. I had never thought to put a woven under a knit, but I like it. I wish I had a better photo for you, but my assistants were busy reading and I was too lazy to get the tripod out. Anyhow, the design continues around the side to the back. I used a perle cotton, doubled for the stitching. I think button/carpet thread a la Alabama Chanin would have been better, but I am determined to use what I have on hand for this class. So, therefore, perle cotton it was. The woven fabric is an Anna Maria Horner print and the t-shirt came out of my closet.

I'm still crocheting. And working on my medallion quilt - will share those soon.

Also, summer is busier than I'd like. Yesterday I said no to TV a gazillion times. I'd told them to find something else to do. In the end, each girl read an entire book. Go figure.


rachel | buttons magee

I've been getting lots of requests for the wii and every time I say no they resort to books. Ha! Love the shirt.




Looks awesome! I also love that you're using things you have on hand.
One of my husbands favorite sayings, is "Make Do, or Do Without"
I think more people should try to live by this.
My kids and I went and signed up for the summer reading program at the library, as soon as school was out. I love that they get to earn some neat little prizes, for doing something they would do anyways.


Gorgeous! Now you can make this skirt to match it.


the t-shirt looks adorable! and i love that you're using what you have. also? i always remember a post of yours from summer vacation years ago, when the girls would go to the neighbor's for silent reading time. xo.

Sweet Posy Dreams

Great shirt! Looks like something that takes quite a bit of skill to do. Very nice.


Very pretty! I love that your girls each finished a book, what more can you ask for?


nice work!
prepping my hand-stitching project for maine. i can't wait!


I'm always inspired by the projects you do! And good for you for saying no to TV. I grew up without one and often had my nose in a book for the entire summer. It's one of my best memories.


the shirt looks amazing, and makes me wish I would have signed up for the class!
Awesome stitching and fabric choice too!
jen (piggybaby)


Gorgeous! I love how the applique dresses up a plain t-shirt!


Love it!

Rachel at Stitched in Color

So glad you enjoyed yourself, Erin!


Love that AMH print and your shirt turned out great!

Tara Danger-Marie Miller

Oh, Be still my heart. Thank you for just the right inspiration. I knew I would find it here. Now off to make my own....

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