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More hand stitching


I'm behind on my hand stitching homework.

I finally (FINALLY) finished the start of my modern medallion today. I had planned on finishing it on Thursday and time ran out before our road trip. I even woke up early on Friday morning, determined to sew the borders on the reverse applique block only to find out that I had squared it  1/2" too small. Aargh.

After some simple math, I adjusted the measurements and I quickly cut widths of fabric for new borders, packed it all in a zip lock and continued packing clothes for the trip that we were taking in less than two hours.

Procrastinate much, Erin?

(To be fair to myself...with great effort, I've cut down on procrastinating in the last year or so. I've been mindful of it and have worked hard to change things. Really. I have. This last incident was out of the relatively recent ordinary which made it hurt just a bit more).

Luckily for me, I have a mother-in-law with sewing skills and equipment so I managed to finish this square up this afternoon. That is not to say there weren't issues. There were. I am the sole person to blame - Rachel wrote it all up beautifully. All faults are mine.

Now to embroider.

Crochet 5:6

As much as I've let the hand sewing pile up, the crochet is happening.

And people, I am loving it.

Thank you, Blair. I KNOW how much time things like this take. I do not take it for granted.


ellen kelley

I think that this..all of it...is so lovely. I am the queen of the big P, procrastination is my first name.
Is it not a wonder to keep on learning new things..crochet, stitching, et. all.
You do a wonderful job here. I love looking at what you make.


see you're taking 2 classes at once. i'm only taking the 1 and i'm behind! going to try to figure out the squircles tonight (which will be hard after the la palomas) but you might get a desperate call from me tomorrow! xo.


What is your center medallion fabric? I really like the sort of vintage look it has. Can't wait to see it all embroidered.


Your homework looks great! I never used to consider myself a procrastinator but I've discovered I have the gene. I wish I didn't have so much evidence to prove that I work well under pressure.


I love all the stitching and crocheting you're doing this summer!! The sampler is so fun to do with you guys, thank YOU!

Mousy Brown

I'm doing both those projects too...lovely to see your colour choices and how different the same things can turn out...hope the embroidery is going well! :D


We must have hit Joann's at the same time -- first the ironing board cover, then the center medallion -- Zoe has p.j.'s in both fabrics! So fun.

And the hand-stitching here is something else.

Happy summer to you, Erin. If your weather is anything like ours, I should add "keep cool"!


Your blog is so great, how long have been crafting-stitching-sewing-quilting,etc? I am just now learning, and well, I want to do well and create beautifully like you do. I don't own a sewing machine yet. I do love being creative. Your very talented, and inspiring, in a way your blog is motivating me to get cracking. Thank you :)

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