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This week's granny squares


I finished the latest granny square sampler assignment over the weekend.

I am really, really having fun with this project.


I was storing my yarn in a tote bag because a certain feline someone really likes wool. She likes it even more when it is in ball form and I was not going to let her get her paws (and teeth) on this. But I was having a hard time seeing what I had and was making a mess with all of the yarn ends as the balls unwound while I dug through looking for certain colors. I pulled this basket out of the sewing room where it was holding some random patterns and papers and brought it downstairs.


I put it up on a chest that Scout can't reach. I can see what I have and it's much prettier to look at this way, right? Now I just have to wait for tomorrow's assignment...



so pretty this way. i love seeing the progress from everyone.
my newest prob with the cat? orange cat loves the chair i just recovered in black. never, ever paid it any attention before. really, cat?


um, shoot. i forgot that we were making 3. i'd better whip up another tonight.

Sweet Posy Dreams

What a great basket for the yarn. I love making squares. Since I learned to crochet last fall, it's my favorite thing to do.


The yarn looks so nice in there. I bet your fingers can't wait for the next square.


I love the colors you're using... such good choices.


I have fallen behind while becoming obsessed with knitting. Since the obsession is almost done, I will be back with my hook to catch up. Love yours and what a cat proof solution.

barefoot mama

So pretty:)


LOVE baskets of yarn...hope the kitters stays out!

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