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I always want to knit in August

With the girls back in school the last two weeks, I have found myself needing a project to keep my hands busy while I sit at volleyball games, piano lessons and the like. I immediately wanted to pick up some knitting needles, buy new yarn and get busy. But, in a huge effort to just use what I have, I finally dug out my knitting bag yesterday.

Blocking 2

Let me tell you, it was a hot mess. 2 unfinished sweaters, piles of needles, a bunch of papers - all jumbled up.

I haven't picked up any kind of knitting since last August when I all but completed my Sullivan. Now wait, I take that back. I did finish knitting the applied i-cord sometime in the winter or spring when I wanted the yarn for granny squares. With just two underarm seams to kitchner and all the ends to weave in, I abandoned it for the crochet hook. I know. Silly me. 

I took the bag with me as I sat at the gym door collecting admissions for volleyball games. I pulled out the Sullivan (which also looked like a hot mess), borrowed a tapestry needle from a friend (yes, not a single one in the bag, and yes, lucky to have a knitter in the gym) and got to work. By the time my shift was over, it was ready for blocking.


This one is going to be a beauty. I just know it.

Next up, the unfinished blue tea leaves. Now if I could just remember what size needle I used two years ago, those sleeves would be done in no time at all. Or maybe I should go back to my Elizabeth Zimmerman fair isle number. That just needs button and buttonhole bands. Decisions, decisions.


Mama Urchin

Did you put it in ravelry? That always helps me with my forgotten needle size.

Erin | house on hill road

Nope. I never put things on Ravelry. So regetting that now.


ravelry helps me with things like that so much. This looks really nice, E. Is this the quince you'd picked out?


I'm with ya! Wondering ifI have the wherewithal to tackle that Debbie Bliss that's been vexing me for three straight Augusts!


August is when I start as well. I have already finished a pair of socks, and am now working on my hubby's winter alpine sweater.


Ah, I wish I could knit! Fall is coming.

Account Deleted

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beth lehman

i'm starting to feel the itch, too. like you, i have projects scattered.... my knitting things are always such a mess...


That sweater is lovely! How nice to have one project off the needles ready to wear for fall.
You see, it was actually perfect timing because if you'd finished it earlier you'd have to wait to wear it.


I like your style in sweaters!

Erin I love your blog so much and I´m foliowing "your live" since 2009. I don´t know english very good, but I hope you will understand what I will say.
It´s my first comment and it´s because of knitting in August. Every year at the same time it´s a big need to do this. I love it. Hm.... is ist a genetic thing, this knitting in August????(smile)


I love this - I'm in awe of people that can knit like this. You have a talent to treasure and keep you warm on cool days!


Finish the fair isle. You won't be disappointed and because so much more goes into fair isle than the tea leaves you'll feel that much more accomplished! Who knows once you finish the fair isle you might just get a wild hair and finish the tea leaves too! By the way I LOVE the color of blue that you picked for the tea leaves. I might just have to bust out of my comfort zone of socks, hats, mittens and the like and knit my self up a sweater!


I've been knitting again recently, too. I always have a little something on the needles, but I've been very drawn to it in the past few weeks! Your sweater is stunning. I can't wait to see the FO pics!


Your finished project is Fabulous!


i have so many unfinished projects...and august/september is really when i kick into full gear.
enjoy your quieter days while the kids are in school.


when you pick up those almost UFO's months (years) later, it's almost instant gratification :)
i've been in finish up mode, but i'm itching to start something new.


i have been WAITING for you to finish your projects. :)

really cant wait to see that sweater!



I hadn't knitted in 4 months, and suddenly I just had to pick up the needles and knit myself a Honey Cowl, in Malabrigo wool. And that was about the 2nd week of August. You're right, there's something about this month that gets the juices flowing. I just sometimes wish wool weren't so very warm, at least until I have it wrapped around me.


I am so right there with you! I have a sweater I HAVE to finish knitting for my husband (it's been two years since I started making it!), and only then can I knit all of the other things my heart desires. And there are LOTS of things I want to be making right now. Tis the season.

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