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Best gift I've made this year

Kittens 2

Ok. I know that's a big statement - best. But truly, I haven't made many gifts this year so I'm going with it. Mama Cat and her skirt dwelling kittens were made last week and promptly given to my eighteen month old niece (which explains the bad quality photos - sorry). Evelyn would not put the kittens down during dinner - she calls them "meows" and was hugging, patting, and kissing them. She (and the cats) were killing me with cute.

You still have time to make this, if you can string a few hours together. The pattern is straightforward and easy. Plus, cute overload! Seriously, that little baby cat is under 3" tall. Tiny, tiny. Perfect for little hands. I used a lightweight, chocolate brown Italian wool (repurposed from a pair of Fatty's work pants) for the cat bodies. In theory, it was a good idea. But, woven wool = F R A Y I N G. And a fraying 1/4" seam allowance was a bit tricky to work with, but I managed. Next time I'll stick with quilting cotton or flannel for the bodies.


I hope that everyone has a nice, blessed holiday season. I'm taking a week or so off from everything to spend time with family and just be. I'm looking forward to 2013 - it looks to be a good one.

Merry Everything, Happy Always!



We have those made by Dorie herself! I didn't know she's since made a pattern (I hardly ever read blogs anymore).


Those are adorable! You did a great job and I'm sure your niece will spend lots of time cuddling and playing with them.


i love how you ended this post - merry everything, happy always. indeed!


Ack! Do you know how happy it makes me that there's a little girl out there who calls these her meows?! Such a big part of why I make stuff. I love them, I love seeing your kitties. Thank you.
Have a beautiful, peaceful Christmas!


Happy wishes right back at ya!

amy h

They're very sweet. Merry Christmas to you, Erin!

Sarah C

Happy Christmas! Love the kittens!


Oh so cute. WIsh I'd made these for my kitten crazy eldest. Merry Christmas.


Those are so adorable! Merry Christmas :)


they are the best! how wonderful.


Squee!!!! I love love love these little meows :) And I think I know a little girl around my house that wold love some of these. Might have to make some after I finish recovering from Christmas :)


You are amazing! I'm gonna have to try the Twirly Girl skirt. Keep up the creativity- and please share! We unimaginative people need those like you to help us along.

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