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Best gift I've made this year

Rory's quilt

Look. I made something.

Rory quilt 2

This is a Christmas gift, but since the recipient is only a couple months old, I figure I won't ruin the surprise. If his parents are reading, I'm sorry to blow it. But only a little. It felt really good to make something. I need more of that.

The quilt is on the smaller side - 33" x 44". It's the snake trails pattern from Denyse Schmidt's book, Modern Quilts, Traditional Inspirations. I really like making this one, curves and all. So much easier, for whatever reason, than the single girls I made for Kate. I cut the trail pieces from a jelly roll of Chicopee - each strip gave me 14 pieces, although you could maybe eek out 15 if you are super careful when cutting. Regardless, the small size is due to the fact that I only had 12 blocks to play with. Still, I like it. The background in Kona Snow, my favorite white. I bought 20 yards of it in one fell swoop last year and am down to my last 3 yards. Time to re-order.

I quilted it with straight lines, 2" apart on the diagonal. I couldn't think of another way to do it that I liked and that I had time for. If I had hours to spend, I would have tried to echo the curves in some way, but I didn't. I think this works nicely, though. I totally copied what Denyse did in the book so it has to be ok, right?

The binding is Moda Bella Solids in Marine. I bought it from Pink Chalk Fabrics - I totally adore them for taking the time to pick out the solids that go with different quilting collections. It makes internet fabric shopping a breeze. I used the leftover bits from the jelly roll to make a patchwork strip across the back, flanked by Kona Snow again. All of the fabric in this quilt was on hand - I just had to pick up batting. Score!

I have one more gift to make if I can find the time. Tiny cats, anyone? I'm feeling pretty optimistic about it, actually. I have adopted "all is calm, all is bright" as my mantra this holiday season. It's working.

Rory quilt

Rory quilt 3



Beautiful quilt! and I Love your Mantra as well.


love this quilt, of course. and your mantra. xo.

heather smith jones

Your quilt is making me feel calm, with those soft green waves. What a treasure for the baby.
And the tiny cats! Good grief they're cute.


i bet the new mom and dad can't wait to get their hands on it! amazing, erin!


This is so lovely.


i adore this quilt. it came out so perfectly. what an amazing gift.


I love this quilt so much! The perfect marriage of pattern and fabric.

beth lehman

oh, this is just beautiful!! the chickopee is perfect here... i love the combination of colors! what a lucky baby!


That quilt is gorgeous! Making things and exercise are similar to me in that I feel great when I'm doing either, but the longer I stop, the harder it is to get up and do a little jog to get going. Glad to see you making, and thanks for the cat love.


I recognized the design right away! I think it will be a perfect baby quilt and later I can see the recipient using cars along the trail. Sweet finish and hats off to you for your motto.

Mary Ann

Lovely quilt! Lucky baby. And oh yes, great mantra for a busy season.


Your quilt is lovely! I have wanted to make a Snail Trail since I bought my copy of Denyse's book. I too will use Chicopee, but I'll make mine full size for my bed.

Happy Holidays to you and your family! Thank you for sharing your quilt and serene Christmas spirit with us!

jen j-m



it's beautiful, erin! such a thoughtful gift.


Your baby quilt is very unique and I am sure the parents will be pleased and the babytoo when it get older.
Thanks for sharing


Oh love the quilt!

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