Taking Stock
Tova dress (in a day)

Here we go.

Over the summer, I took a one night painting class in a local artist's studio with some girlfriends.  Almost immediately I wondered why I had ever stopped drawing and painting. Sitting there, with paints in hand, I felt creative for the first time in a long while. My brain was stretching, being used in a way that it hadn't been in a very long time. Before I left the studio that night, I talked to the teacher about it, got her card and declared that I would be back in January.

January 4

And Friday was that day.

I am excited to see where this will lead me. Right now, I am copying a painting instead of working from a photograph or memory or the like. During the first class I was able to get a first, light coat of paint finished and I began painting the background. It was completely enjoyable and I'm a little antsy for Friday so I can go back and do some more.



Your talent is abundant!


this is beautiful + i am so excited for you, erin! what a wonderful gift to yourself. may you enjoy every moment! xoxo


what wonderful self care! a good reminder to us all to take that time.


awesome! good for you for going with this. i've dabbled over the years more times that i can count (and have all the supplies to show for it), but can't manage to commit the time to stick with it. seeing your painting makes me want to pick it back up right this instant. who knows, maybe 2013 will be the year?

Kate @ Lady Bird

This is really inspiring to find time to take care of your own creative spirit! What a wonderful gift to yourself.


Beautiful! Recently I got my children some paint by numbers. I was helping my five year old and it was sooo much fun! It's too bad we so often forget to do those things that brought so much joy when we were kids.


Oh I love it! Way to find that thing that has you itching to create. Keep posting photos of your paintings, I wanna see! :)


I admire you for going back to your painting. Good Job and glad that you are enjoying it
Thanks for sharing


This is so great,new year,new art medium. I'm sure very refreshing for you. I' m glad you are sharing with us.

Account Deleted

I am so excited for you Erin!! Have fun with it! xo


Your painting is lovely :)

Marsha Gibbons

I am right there with you!! I stopped painting about 4 years ago. Before that I had painted for 6 or 7 years off and on. Life got complicated and the painting fell by the wayside. But I am back at it, in a bit of time here and there. Painting makes you look at everything differently. The whole world becomes subject. Light is appreciated more. Love it!

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