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Cullin Cowl (x 8)

Over the years, I have been part of a craft swap group. Each person in the group chooses their own craft and makes one for each of the other swappers. We took a hiatus a couple of years back and just started swapping again this past summer/fall. When I found out that our next swap would be in the winter, I immediately knew that I wanted to knit something. I had seen the pattern for the Cullin cowl on Quince & Co.'s site. It looked like a fun, fast knit and any excuse to buy a rainbow of yarn works for me.

Cullin cowls

I started in September, carrying various cowls around town as I sat in various waiting rooms and gyms while my kids did their things. Over the course of the fall, I knitted eight cowls. And I was right about the pattern - this is a fun and fast knit. The lace pattern is simple and easy to memorize. Plus, size 10 needles and a good, chunky yarn was easy for me to manage without my tendonitis flaring up. Each cowl took a little less than one skein of Puffin so it was fairly economical as well.

Swap loot

Last night I plopped the pile down in front of my friends and they each chose the color they wanted. In exchange, I received a set of patchwork coasters, three stone topped bottle stoppers, an adorable fabric and paper decoupaged canvas and a cool leather cuff. Oh, and four cowls to put in the gift closet. Or maybe it'll be three for gifts and one for me, seeing that no one picked green.

Cullin cowl 2



i love the rainbow of colors!

jen j-m

they're awesome!! great job (as always.) hope you're well.


This is the best! idea.
I have to rope some friends into a swap.
Also, you totally have to keep that green one, it's so perfectly you!


What an awesome swap gift!


I don't know how I missed that cowl pattern. The rainbow of knits made me smile.

Janet B

I love this idea of a swap. Gets me to thinking! What a fun excuse to make lots of something. Thanks for the idea and the pretty pics. Inspiring!


Oh, I remember your swap group! Such a great idea. Your cowls look wonderful, as always :)


One of your first mentions of your craft group inspired me to create something similar with my friends. We too have taken a bit of a break, but I hope we start up again in the summer. Love the cowls, and the fact that you get one too.


what a lovely idea - though how could no one pick the green - my favourite colour. It's so cold here at the moment I am going to knit a cowl both to keep my neck warm when it's done but also to keep my fingers warm knitting it!


What a great idea - I'd like to start a craft swap group myself - maybe after my daughter's wedding...

Steph W

Lovely colors!


these are so fantastically excellent. did you find it just so satisfying, re-working the same pattern, over and over? i love that, and think i must be crazy; so many get bored with the repetition. i find it so soothing, like my version of zen. busy-fingered, fuzzy zen.

must get my hands on some quince + co. i've been eyeing their fiber forever...

Sandra Reuston

Erin, such beautiful colours! The swap group idea is so great, I might steal it.


Lovely cowls - I wish I knew how to knit a little better than stockinette. I just made a stack of those woven coasters for my retreat mates in May. Are the corners rounded? That's what I do to mine because I am never satisfied with what the square corners end up looking like. Have you seen the triangle log cabin pin cushion on Jeni's In Color Order? Made a stack of those, too. Adorable! I may have to fill with rice because no one sells lizard litter in this retail challenged town I live in on a rock sticking up out of the ocean.


Ello there! I just discovered your blog and am slowly making my way through your archives. Could you tell me, is that a book with the boy playing the bagpipes and pigs? I have a young piper of my own and am always on the lookout for "stuff". Thanks!

Erin | house on hill road

Oh, that isn't a book, but rather an art piece a friend made for me!

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