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Recent stash additions

Stash additions

Any way I look at it, my recent fabric buying binge means that I need to stop shopping and start sewing. And probably de-stash, as well. Scrap bags anyone? What about small scraps? I'm never sure if anyone has interest in those. I use them to make little log cabins and for applique, but I could be a lone duck. Is it worth bagging those up as well? Tell me what you're thinking.



I see a few in that pile I just bought myself. Some of the stuff in Joann is so good right now, isn't it?


I hate to ask but where did the blue and yellow polka dot fabrics (with what looks like a grey dot overlay) come from? They're just darling.

Erin | house on hill road

Those are new DS Quilts fabrics that I found at JoAnn's.


Thanks. No wonder they go so nicely with the Shelborne Falls prints. :)

Just me, Jane.

Mini prints are always great fillers, no matter what size they are. You could always do a swap with me if you're interested! Enhance my stash, LOL. I hope you don't mind me commenting, I saw that pile of fabric and wanted to say 'Hello!'. Cheers, Just Me Janie


I'm thinking you can just send some of that Liberty my way!! Ha! Looks like a pretty inspiring stack you've got there.


I bet people would be interested in little scraps. I know I must be -- that's why I can never throw any of mine away!

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I just bought a lot of fabric recently, after not buying much for a year or more. Something in the air!


I think scraps are very interesting and have a lot of possibilities. It's great to swap then with people from other parts of the world for diferent fabrics.


I like scraps they are fun to use when sewing with my G-DAUGHTER TO MAKE LITTLE THINGS


My Sister saves me all her scraps and I piece them together collage style and run them through the sewing machine. Then, cut them out in a shape, like a heart or Easter egg and use them as patches.


Yes please!


my scrap basket overfloweth, as well.

but that butterfly fabric + ribbon? dreamy. can't wait to see what it becomes...


Any size works for me!

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