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I've got my hands on all kinds of projects at the moment.

The crazy star quilt has its binding attached on the front and is just waiting for me to slow down and stitch it onto the back.

I started slicing up the Liberty strips I bought in October for Anna Maria's feathers. I'm wondering if I'm crazy to make the center of the feathers out of voile or if I should use some quilting cotton instead.

My spring/summer traveling, waiting room, TV watching project is this needlepoint Floral Path bolster pillow, also designed by Anna Maria. I don't think I have done any needlepoint since I was about 10, and then it was always with embroidery floss on plastic canvas. I'm excited to see this progress.

Did you have any time to spend stitching this weekend? Do tell.



i am in love with those liberty feathers! so pretty. (i'd go for quilting cotton for the centers, just b/c i'd be worried about stretchy bias edges.)
was hoping for weekend stitching, but ended up doing a ton of cleaning instead, including in the studio, which was therapeutic in its own way. and now i feel like i can go in there and sit down and sew without tripping over random piles :)

Erin | house on hill road

Good point about the bias edges. I hadn't thought about that! (Also, I did a quick clean up of my studio last week and I know exactly what you mean about the tripping over random piles!)

Erin in PA

Looks lovely! This weekend I did a bit of stitching - finished my first Oliver + S Book Report Dress pattern for my daughter to wear for Easter. I am taking a note from your list making last year and committing to paper what I want to accomplish on the sewing front. It is amazing how much I can get done once I write it out and make it concrete! This is my 3rd finish (and second start) for the year! Up next, finishing a purse for a library auction.

Erin | house on hill road

Doesn't the list help? Both of these quilts (the crazy star and the Liberty feathers) are on my list. As soon as that binding is sewn down, I can cross a second finish off mine as well!

rachel | buttons magee

What great projects! I can always count on you for some creative inspiration. Xo, rach


whoa...what a beauitful weekend you had! your Liberty feathers are Amisha I would do some cotton for the middle...i love having a hand stitching project to take with me...your AMH crosstitch looks beautiful...didnt know she had those...must get my head out of the hole.

Sarah C

Trying to finish Easter baskets and dresses for my littles. Not enough time! Are you going to LFPL tomorrow? We are. I think I first knew about her because of you.

Erin | house on hill road

Yes! It's Wednesday, right? Please say hi to me if you see me.


Voile is lightweight and a bit stretch-ier. I'd try the cotton. Love your blog.

Cheryl Jaeger

I love your to-do list; including the beautiful photos, and plan to make a project list for myself. Yesterday, I played with making small improve stars-just for fun, and then I finished a quilt top out of my Chicopee fabrics for my nephew's graduation.

Erin | house on hill road

It sounds like you had a productive weekend!

Sarah C

Yes. My week is backwards:) I will if I see you.


Oh, what great projects! I actually did sew this weekend thanks to a snowstorm. I made pillowcases, scarves, lounge pants--all quick and fun projects. I also pulled out my finished (yay, finally!) AMH feather quilt top to start on the back but ended up only staring at it and thinking about how to make the back. The feather-making process is fun but long. I came up with some steps to help me push through and also to have the least amount of fabric waste. Let me know if you'd like me to share. Will you be making a quilt with your feathers?


My children are on spring break this week, but we decided to stay close to home this year. I had a wonderful day of sewing yesterday. Made up two skirts using the perfect pattern. I had searched forever for a skirt pattern for my daughter and finally found it in Kwik Sew K3794. Also made a Black Apple doll late last night. I was nearly in shock when I turned her right side out and she was a real doll.

I don't know if you ever have a reason to be in Nashville, Tennessee, but I wanted to tell you about a store I love. It is called Textile Fabrics. They have amazing designer fabrics (even Anna Maria). Plus, they have yarn! You would take an exit off or I65. Use your GPS or you will get lost. Love your blog!


Love the pink binding for your star quilt. Totally agree with the comments on bias edges - I've been working with them a lot lately and they require extra care. That needlepoint looks like so much fun - enjoy!

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