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Make flying geese fast: a tutorial



That fabric is gorgeous! I have a problem with fabric buying...I buy it all and never use it.


How could you not? Great looking fabric!!

Melissa F

Oh crap. I'm waiting for it to go on sale. So I can talk myself into it without feeling guilty.

I once asked my Grandma why she never quilted, even though she sewed a lot. She said her mother, my Great Grandmother Galloway, used to say "Why should I take a perfectly good piece of fabric and cut it into tiny pieces just so I can sew it all back together again?" lol. So, quilting skipped two generations in my family and I learned the answer to GG's question -- it is a magnificent obsession to do just that!


oh, I love these. I can't wait to see what you make!






love that fabric - you have tempted me : )


My idea of fun too. And gorgeous malorgeous fabrics.

beth lehman

isn't that funny? i often wonder how/why cutting and sewing back together is so satisfying to me... love these prints.

ellen patton

We always have to buy more fabric!

Sandra Reuston

The new blog design is lovely! I'm very excited for you, it seems like a lot is happening over at house on hill road this fall.
Your book is in the mail, on its way to me and I can hardly wait. I've been popping in here for years for inspiration (and a little kick in the butt when I need it). Thank you so much for sharing it all.


DS knows her stuff. Lovely fabrics which you'll make into something even lovelier, I am certain. Enjoy your weekend, Erin! xoxo


I bought some too. You'd think I was running out of fabric.

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