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Do I go with a straight setting?

On point

Or do I set it on point?

I drafted the pattern myself and then paper pieced it. And if you know how much paper piecing and I aren't the best of friends, you understand why it took me a few months to come around to making this thing instead of just thinking about it. I have no idea if a block like this exists out in the world although I imagine there must be something similar. And so what do I call it? Got any ideas for a name?

Also, do I get knee deep in these fabrics and keep going in this direction? Or should I sit with it a bit and see what develops?

Me? I'm leaning towards on point (although it may mean more troubling math), calling it something that has to do with the early October (it feels crisp, but bright here in Kentucky) , and waiting it out (finishing the flying geese first).

What do you think?


Mama Urchin

It reminds me of a compass rose (and Eren and her love of all things nautical). I like them on point and I say use these as incentive for getting the flying geese done.


Took the words right out of my mouth ^. Set it on point and call it compass rose. Just lovely.


On point. Really nice, Erin.

Account Deleted

On point, definitely. Looks like a compass variation of some kid, so maybe a navigational name?

Melissa F

I checked a mariner's compass stars book out of the library once. I love this one.

Erin in PA

Definitely on point! Looks great! As for a name - no idea. Let it simmer for a bit while those flying geese get finished.

Sherry in WA

I guess the holidays on my mind, because I'd call it Oh Holy Night. Nice block.


Oh my gosh, what's wrong with me, because I like it so much better set straight! As in, no contest in my mind. Yikes! But it is a delightful block and the fabric selections are lovely.

Lindsey F

On point gets my vote.


I like it on point too. They are both great... but it's about 51/49 in favor of on point for me. It looks like a compass rose to me. How about Legendary Compass (play on the legend of a map)? Not sure what color way you are leaning. Looking good so far. Very nice.

Dawn in NL

Definitely on point from my point of view. I like compass rose for a name but I thought of Block Star. Nice fabric choice!


beth lehman

lovely, lovely. those colors are just great and all time favorites of mine! i'm a fan of straight, i have to say, but i'd make more and keep them on the design wall to be sure.

Erin | house on hill road

I'm definitely going to finish the flying geese first! Incentive is a good thing.

Erin | house on hill road

Thanks, Mary!

Erin | house on hill road

Glad to know that my instincts were right. ;)

Erin | house on hill road

I'm going to have to brainstorm the heck out of this one.

Erin | house on hill road

I knew it looked like something...but I find this a lot less fussy. Plus each block only has 7 seams - win!

Erin | house on hill road

I think that is exactly what I am going to do!

Erin | house on hill road

Oh...I like the idea of night!

Erin | house on hill road

In my head, it was always set straight. It was after I sewed it that I thought about putting it on point. I'm still not decided!

Erin | house on hill road

Duly noted! ;)

Erin | house on hill road

My split is more like 55/45 in favor of on point...I really can't decide!

Erin | house on hill road

Some kind of star has crossed my mind, too. Thanks, Dawn.

Erin | house on hill road

That's a good idea, Beth. I'll just keep making and then decide!

Janet Taber

On point -- very neat either way, but on point is most emphatic.


I like it straight! The dark blue compass points leap out at me either way; I like how in the straight setting they're highlighting the cardinal directions, and then the other points and angles behind them creep out slowly.


I vote on point.


On point~that one caught my eye way quicker.


On point. North Star came to mind when I looked at photo #2. Nice work!


Compass rose was the first thought I had--and I thought I was so clever.


Pretty! It's definitely a compass rose variation. I think it looks great both ways, but I'd probably put it square for ease of piecing the quilt and not having to have any triangle blocks to fill in. I'm lazy that way. :)


I have no authority in anything quilting related. But I say on point.


On point gets my vote!

michele (maryland)

Looks complicated straight on. Set it on point. Fantastic pattern, good for you!


i missed this! and i LOVE it! xo.


ps. i vote straight.


I love this block and so wish I could get it. And I LOVE paper piecing. It's my favorite because the points come out so beautifully.

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