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Weekend Making: Everyday Skirt

Everyday skirt 1
I sewed for myself again this past weekend.

It's becoming a habit. And, a good one, at that.

Everyday skirt 3

This time around I went with one of Liesl Gibson's newly released Liesl & Co. patterns for women: the Everyday Skirt. I loved making this skirt! It was a breeze to sew and with only 5 pattern pieces, it was fast to cut out as well. Liesl does a great job of giving thorough step-by-step instructions with helpful diagrams for anything even the slightest bit tricky. I really like the design of the skirt - the side panels are not gathered so it makes the hips slimmer - WIN! Also, pockets! And these are not on the absolute side so there isn't any added bulk from them either. Fantastic. Also, the waistband has some interfacing in the front which makes it retain its shape even after sitting in it all day.

Everyday skirt 2

The back is elasticized which makes this a pull on and off skirt without closures. This allows you to fit it as needed, making it a cinch to get the sizing exactly right. And speaking of fit, the skirt is meant to sit right above the hips. Liesl recommends making the same size as you buy off the rack unless you want it to sit up at your natural waist. In that case, go a size smaller. That is exactly what I did, choosing a M over a L, and I am thrilled with the fit. Also, I didn't add any length like I normally do and think that if I had gone with the larger size, wearing it at my hips, I would have had to shorten it.

The fabric I chose is a Robert Kaufman chambray that I had in my stash. It has great drape and will be a good year-round skirt - I can wear it with flats or boots now, with tights as winter comes on and with sandals in the summer. I'm glad I went with a neutral and versatile fabric this time around, but I think that I will definitely delve into some patterns and prints for the next one.

I also think that those of us that sew for tweens/teens will find this to be a good pattern for their wardrobes as well. In a fun print with a few inches chopped off the length, this pattern is a no-brainer for both of my girls. I am actually trying to get Kate to sew it on her own (with a little guidance if necessary). I think she'd learn a lot (gathering, pockets, waistbands) and get a cute skirt to boot. I'll keep you posted.



Looks perfect! And, what a great sewing project for Kate. Excellent idea!


I really like the idea of the elastic in the back. Comfy and easy to put on, but looks nice in the front! Good job!


Wait, what? It has an elastic back?! It just jumped up a leeetle bit higher in queue.

Perfect in the chambray!


Super cute, Erin!


I love it! I saw that pattern last week and thought it would be a good one to try.

Account Deleted

I love it! After my first garment making class last Friday (2nd one this Friday) the whole idea of fit is demystified. Plus it helps that new patterns are written so much better than they used to be. No wonder my grandmother just went for it and didn't use a pattern!

Erin | house on hill road

I cannot wait to see what you make!

Monica--Adirondack Inspired

This looks exactly like a perfect every day skirt! One of those basics that let you dress it up and down in a million different ways. I love the front waistband and elastic back...I've only made very simple elastic gathered skirts, although the last one I made I will bunch the gathers where I want them (that is, away from the hips!), so I love that this pattern has that all figured out for you. You look fantastic!


Great skirt! I totally need to make one for myself now. Those pockets...genius.

Brigit Dermott

This is great! I saw this pattern and was worried the waist would be too bulky but I'm inspired by your finished skirt--super cute!

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