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Merry Everything, Happy Always!


The house is extremely quiet at the moment. It seems a bit unusual for Christmas Eve morning, but that is what happens when you have teenagers, I suppose. Yesterday, on the first week day of their holiday break, both girls slept until I woke them at 10. A small part of me was a bit jealous of their ability to just sleep and then sleep some more. The other part of me was over-joyed. By that point in the morning, I had gotten all the grocery shopping completed along with some other errands accomplished. I took them to choir practice at 11 and then wrapped all the gifts. Those two plus hours of alone time to get things finished was such a blessing.

Not that I am completely finished with the holiday prep, though. There is brioche and a poppyseed cake to bake this morning. And, in typical Erin style, one last gift to make. Funnily enough, this is the one gift that I had planned on making for months and here I am, leaving it to the wire. It's all good, though. I have the time and I plan on enjoying it.

As things are down to the wire, I just wanted to pop in and wish you all the happiest of holidays. I constantly count this blog and my readers among my greatest blessings even if I don't say it often enough. Thank you for your continued support in my endeavors and interest in my anecdotes. I appreciate the time you take to follow along and, especially, your understanding when it gets a little quiet here. For those of you that take the time to comment, please know that I read and value every single word. I look forward to what 2014 may bring. Thank you.

From my house to yours, wishing you Merry Everything, Happy Always!



Wishing you and your family a happy and blessed Christmas.
Your Christmas tree and the blue room are so lovely.
I really do enjoy reading your blog.


Merry Christmas!


Delurking for the first time in years (yikes, I can't believe I took this long) to say that I just love your blog and always look forward to reading your "anecdotes". Happy Christmas and all that wonderful stuff!

(The little video your girls put together just about killed me with its sweetness. There may have been tears.)


Merry Merry, Erin!
Your stockings are spectacular. Did you make them?


Merry Christmas! Your home looks just beautiful, enjoy the peaceful moment.


Merry, Christmas! Enjoy!


Or...just Merry Christmas! no comma...


Merry Christmas! I love your family room wall color! Gorgeous!


I'm so happy to see the smokers out in full force. What a beautiful mantel. Merry Christmas, Erin!


I hope you and your family had a wonderful Christmas! Wishing you all much peace and joy in the coming year!

Mary Ann

I hope the holiday season is full of joy and wonder. The video was so sweet and so meaningful. I am tucking the idea away for my my husband's 75th in a few months.


Any chance you're willing to share the color and brand of paint on those gorgeous walls?

And a very merry-happy to you, by the way.

Laura Wolverton

I hope you had a wonderful holiday. I see someone else also asked the question I have -the paint color for your wall. It's beautiful. I've been trying to find the perfect turquoise color for my walls and just haven't had much luck.

Indiana Lori

Ah! Your home is so lovely! Merry Christmas from Indy!

Lisa Clarke

A little late, but there's still time to wish you a Happy New Year! That corner of your house looks so festive :-)

Jennifer O.

Merry Christmas! My mom collects nutcrackers and smokers, but her collection is nothing compared to yours!


Beautiful scene~ Merry Christmas!


ah teenagers. playing catch-up here! hope you had a very merry christmas - and wishing you all the best in the year ahead xo


I would like to know the color and brand of paint as well!!!!

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