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Merry Everything, Happy Always!

You still have time to make this gift. And it is (mostly) free.

A friend of mine recently emailed Fatty with a link to this video about moms and their kids (go watch - it's amazing). She then asked his help to make a video of my girls telling me why they are thankful for me and why they love me.


People, this is quite possibly the best gift I have ever received.

Not only was it incredibly thoughtful, but it's a great reminder that even though I sometimes doubt my success as a mother (who doesn't?), my kids don't see me that way. It was something I needed to hear and the bonus is that I will always have it to look back at. I am so thankful for this.

Why don't you do this for someone you love? Your spouse, the grandparents, a friend, teachers....the list goes on. All it takes is a little time, a little technology (iphone, ipod touch, ipad, computer, video camera) and you can send it via email Christmas morning or put it on a CD/DVD to send in the mail. If you have technologically savvy kids, like mine, they can probably do it all on their own with a little direction from you. Heck, if you have extra time, you could even make a movie out of it. No matter how you do it, it will be treasured.

Like I said, possibly the best gift I have ever received. Well, besides the kids themselves. They are pretty damn great.


My children gave me their permission to post this video on the blog. Please respect our wishes that it not be uploaded anywhere else. Do not pin this video to pinterest, share it on facebook or the like. I appreciate your understanding - thank you.




Oh Erin. That was so beautiful. Those are some very special girls you have there - good job, Mama. What a great idea to share too. Love to you and yours this season! xo


I cried when I watched that first video a few weeks ago, and again watching this one by your sweet girls. Thank you for sharing! Happy for you. :)




Wow, what a beautiful gift! I love how astute they are at recognizing the sacrifices that you make for them. I don't think that is all that common for their age. Good job girls!

Sarah C

So good!

Amy h

Oh gosh, Erin, that made me cry. So sweet!


that is awesome and well deserved!


Wow! What a wonderful gift to receive. Such lovely young people you are mothering, Erin.
Thanks so much for sharing. xo

beth lehman

seriously!! i am sitting here crying... my goodness. it's so good to be appreciated isn't it? we sometimes forget. and this is a reminder to appreciate people around us. your girls are so lovely, growing into young ladies. (and i'm glad to know someone else pops zits!!)

lisa walston

That was amazing. Thank you for sharing that....much love to you and your family...xoxox Lisa


Erin, that is so beautiful. Your girls are amazing and obviously so proud to have you as their mother. I can see why you say - there can be no more cherished gift. Thank you - and your girls - for sharing that kind of love with us. Perfect Christmas gift.

Account Deleted

How special and beautiful this is, I'm getting weepy at all kinds of good things today.


oh my goodness, erin. i could not love that more.



Erin. Your amazing girls are proof that you are an amazing mother. LOVE this. xo.


Tears here too! They are amazing girls and you are all so lucky to have each other. What a gift!



bread and buttons

That was wonderful on so many levels. To hear them speak of the sweetness of you, to listen to them recount their individual memories and to see them together so very grown up. You should be one very proud mama.


ohmygoodness. What a beautiful gift from your beautiful--inside and out--girls.

PS. Eighth grade teaching this age group. Go Middle Schoolers!


What articulate, thoughtful children you have, and a loving husband too.


I am so deep in the woods with a two year old and a one year old and a (not very grateful) nine year old that it was nice to wake up this morning and see that at some point the children DO grow out of the constantly needy phase. Thank you to your girls for agreeing to share that with me this morning. :-)


I'm so touched, I'm speechless. What great girls but look at the stock they come from.


What a wonderful gift
My eyes are stinging with tears...but there's a smile on my face.



Wow! Typing through my tears. You are a great mom raising great young women!


What a beautiful gift that was! Thank you to all of you for sharing it. I too cried - you are all 3 amazing women! Happy New Year!

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