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I'm back

June 18


I disappeared. I didn't mean to, but life happens. Thank you to all that checked in to make sure that I am ok - I am! It's just been a crazy few weeks...

Jane graduated from 8th grade. So. Hard. To. Believe. And still, so right, you know?

Ppd on

I altered my painted portrait dress and wore it out. I love this pattern. There will be more. And more. And then probably even more.

I had my annual colonoscopy (I have ulcerative colitis). TMI? Probably. But, I had a lot (understatement) of anxiety leading up to it as my last two scopes were only so-so - not really bad, but not great. This time all was better than it has been in years. I am thankful and relieved and happy and will continue to take my meds and eat healthy and all that.

We packed up and left town for Mexico on Kate's last day of school. It was a great way to start the summer.

While gone, Fatty and I both suffered from food poisoning. That put a little damper on the trip, but it was still good to get away.

How to

I read 10 books on vacation. TEN.

And my MacBook crapped out. It couldn't be fixed. Insert sad face here.

Quilt progress

Two days after we returned home, I took a great class with Quilt Dad, John Adams. It was fun and I am super excited about how my quilt is coming together. It's Pacific Crest, the cover quilt from John's new book, Beyond Neutral, (affiliate link) which is A-MAZ-ING.

Father's day flowers

When I came home from sewing all day, there were flowers for me for Father's Day. Fatty is the best, I tell you.

My new computer arrived earlier this week. It is shiny and fast - yay!


I didn't turn it on until I cleaned the entire studio. It took 3 days, but it is also looking shiny, so there's that.

And now I am going to pay the bills and then get back to making things.

See you around.



So glad to hear from you again, Erin!
Had been missing you and hoping all was well.
Aside from the food poisoning (been there - SO awful), happy to hear all the good news.
Yay for a good scope report -
Yay for the super-cute dress -
and that Fatty .... well, how can you not love a guy like that.
Cheers to all - looking forward to seeing the new quilt.


You've been busy...kept checking in to see if you had posted anything
new. You look so nice in your portrait dress. I used to do some sewing
and I'm tempted to start again after seeing your lovely dress.
Jann C.

heather smith jones

Ten books?! That's insane. I've been proud of myself for reading 1-2 per month. Your numbers put me to shame.


I'm with Heather! 10 books!!! That's fantastic. Thanks for sharing about the flowers. We already knew your husband was a keeper but that is really a special gesture. I hope he won't mind if I follow suit on Mother's Day with my husband.


Erin, will you post a list of books you've been reading? We have similar taste in fiction, and I'd love some ideas for what to read next!

Erin | house on hill road

Yes! I plan on listing all the books I've read so far this year next week. Stay tuned!

jan - isisjem

I was going to ask what the 10 books were. Will look forward to that post and welcome back!


Hey Erin! I treasure my summer reading time and I am so looking forward to your list. Have fun with your new computer! Take care, Pam


welcome back! yay for vacation, boo for sickness. yay for a good scope, boo for colitis. cute dress, too!

Sandra Reuston

what a great update! hope you are feeling better and summer in good to you all. take care, sandy


Hi there! Sounds like summer is off to a good start ;-)

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