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Last Thursday Afternoon



I'm here. Feeling very quiet. School has started. 7th grade for Kate and high school for Jane. Different schools, different schedules. Taking my time to figure out what is what and how I am going to be in two places at one time. Or rather, how to make it work best for all of us without anyone losing their mind. Wish me luck.

I'm sewing. And reading. And trying to learn Illustrator a bit. I'm also teaching - my string quilt this weekend at Q First in Quilting in Lexington and basic sewing to 8th graders as part of our school's art electives. Both should be fun.

I'd like to start meditating. Does anyone have any good starting tips, apps, etc., that you would be willing to share?

Monday, it's back to work for me. Book #2 is my biggest work in progress. Coming at you Fall 2015.

Back soon.



I'm a meditator :) It's a daily practice for me. Simply start by sitting comfortably for 20 minutes a day watching your breath, noticing the thoughts as they come in, like clouds floating by, no judgement. Just notice them then let them go. Meditation happens to you. Feel free to read this post I wrote on the subject:
or watch this video: Much Love, Juliane

Amy H

I don't practice meditation regularly, but I am slowly trying to make it more regular. Yes, the NO JUDGEMENT is a big thing. I notice my mind wandering, acknowledge it, and I try not to judge. I like Pema Chodron's books and guided meditations. I also like the Audio Dharma podcast.

Good luck with the book -- such an undertaking!

Habit Blog

Book #2? So happy for you. I've been feeling quiet these days, too. Looking forward to seeing what this new year has in store for us. Think of you often! xo.

Habit Blog

Oops. That was me, Molly. :)


I love simply being app. You pick the amount of time you have/need, with/without music etc. twice a year, I think, Oprah and Deepak chopra team up and offer a free 21 day meditation challenge. One is going on right now. They are excellent. Meditation has helped me in so many ways. Now my kids, ages 7 and 9, meditate w/ me esp during stressful/nervous times.

Leslie J

All exciting things going on for you. Not a fan of the whole concept of meditation, just like to go outside and walk around for a while, which is my form of meditation. Get with nature. Best of luck, Love your talent and congrats on the new book!


I notice my mind wandering, acknowledge it, and I try not to judge. I like Pema Chodron's books and guided meditation.




I started meditating about 5 years ago and have been doing it ever since on and off. I use Bill Harris's meditation. Have also tried Deepak Chapra (sp?). The most difficult part for me in the beginning was to "be still" for the first few months. I thought I would never stop fidgeting and my mind was always racing. But once I learned how to relax and enjoy it I started looking forward to it.


Hi there. We're 2 weeks in and I'm still trying to figure out how to manage this school year. It's just too much. Right now, quiet is the easiest. Best of luck on all that you're working on. I think about you a lot :-)

Laura Wolverton

Congratulations on book 2! My oldest started high school this year as well and it's been quite the adjustment for me too -good luck. It will be over before we can blink and then we'll wonder how to fill our days.

Elizabeth Bolton

Good morning, Just read your post and wanted to tell you about a wonderful, simple, effective meditation practice - Check out Andy Puddicombe at Headspace - this is the ONLY way I was able to make a daily commitment - 10 minutes IS doable!! Best of luck!

Susan E.

The book "10% Happier" by ABC news correspondent Dan Harris is a good place to start. He was skeptical that meditation could help him, but after an on-air panic attack he decided to try it. His book is inspirational, but also practical. He makes no judgments and encourages you to start small.

Indiana Lori

I gave up and just took a meditation class. I pay someone to walk me into meditation every Monday at noon. It's awesome.

bread and buttons

I have kids in different schools this year too! And oh my, different pick ups, different vacation days and most confusing of all, the SAME start time. Oh joy! Seems like a good time to start meditation.


Maybe the headspace app? I liked it. If you do too, you have Meg to thank. Yay, book 2 :)


Hi Erin, I came across two free guided meditations,, by way of the minimalists' website and have practiced at night with positive effects (I am generally an unsettled ball of nerves). I have also heard about Dan Harris/10% Happier and am awaiting my turn with the library book. Best of luck with whichever resources come your way. Keep us posted!

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