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The window guys were back yesterday, working outside in the cold. It was around 40 degrees, but it felt much, much colder. I offered coffee and told them to come in and warm up as needed. Today, they will be back again, this time to install an exterior door. Can you say cold?

I finished a quilt top yesterday. I knew it would be a fairly fast sew, but I am surprised at just how fast it was. I will show and tell after the holidays. Mind you, it still needs a back and to be basted and quilted. I'm undecided if I should go with straight lines which is time consuming or free motion loops which are faster, but I am out of practice.

Hats are being knitted. About 1 a day - I carry a bag of yarn in the car with me and find myself knitting in the carpool line and at guitar lessons. Big needles and bulky yarn means a very small time investment for each one. About an hour? I finished up yesterday's while watching "Santa Claus is Coming to Town" on TV with the family last night. You should have seen the four of us, smashed into the smallest room in the house that only has two chairs. The girls were on the floor, in their new flannel pj's. You would have thought they were 3 and 5 instead of 13 and 15. I loved every second.



that evening sounds dreamy.

and what pattern are you using?! xx

Alicia A.

They're never too old for those shows. We watched Rudolf. : )


Cold night, snuggled inside with a traditional movie and some handwork, it sounds lovely!


Sounds heavenly! I was knitting hats for the holidays at a rapid clip, too, until I started the Big Lebowski sweater for my husband. So. much. ribbing. Still two hats to knit, too.

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