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I would like a whole forest


I made three of these trees a number of years back. I have no idea where the smallest one has run off to. Run off being correct because, although the trees do not have legs, there is a cat in this house who loves small wool things that she can carry in her mouth. I hid the little tree from her one year, but she found it and now has hidden it from me. Figures. I would really like to make more, a whole forest of white soft trees, but I never get around to it. Maybe this is the year.

After spin class yesterday morning, I spent a good chunk of time in the studio. I worked on the quilt back, trying to figure out how to make the most of the length of Liberty that I have to use. I love this part of quilting - the puzzling of how to waste as little fabric as possible and how to fit dissimilar parts together in a good, easy, clever way. I came up with a plan and started implementing it. It was toasty upstairs and Scout hung out with me. Neither one of us really wanted to be downstairs where there was a hole in the wall and lots of cold air. By noon, we had a new door and it is lovely.

I cast on another hat while waiting for Kate at guitar lessons. This one is red. I'm using Purl Soho's Super Soft Merino Hats for Everyone, for those of you that have asked, with some modifications (mostly adding length). I don't plan out what I am doing, but rather think about who I am knitting for and then go from there. I got two rows past the ribbing and called it a day so I can think a bit about what my next step will be. More puzzling. Just what I like.



Lovin' these daily posts, Erin. Photos are great, as is the writing. Very inspirational.


love love those trees, you are one talented lady


oooooooooh! how i remember those trees! love!

i think i want to make 6 hats! :)


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