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Habit 1202

Jane is 15.

What is it about those milestone birthdays that come every five years, the ones ending in 0 and 5, that make them seem so big? I can't wrap my head around fifteen, but it is here and she is wearing it well. Fatty said that the theme of his day was everyone saying "one more year!" in reference to that coveted drivers license that comes at 16. Me? I'm screaming, "Don't rush things!" This girl needs to be 15 with all that it entails, not almost 16. Although, admittedly, that drivers license will be nice for both of us.

Jane is smart and beautiful, inside and out. She is a wonderful friend, with a great sense of humor and a positive outlook. She is sensitive and caring, extremely creative and theatrically inclined. I love watching her perform and am extremely proud of the young woman she is growing into. It is a true privilege to witness her journey and call her our daughter.

Habit 1201

I got a little teary about another milestone today. This will be the last month of posting at habit.

In the last six years, I have had the privilege of participating in this wonderful marriage of a photo and thirty or less words many times. It is always a treat to be part of the community that Emily, Molly and Tara have built there. There are so many voices that fill up that space and I am honored to join the final party this month. I will miss habit as a daily read and I will miss being part of such a beautiful space, but I am excited for this final chance to post my daily photo and words that I probably won't miss a day. I'd love to have you follow along.


Sue Baldwin

Enjoy every second of Jane being 15! Time goes by at a lightening fast pace, especially as they get older. My baby is 14, gasp! My Kate was 25 this year (a huge 5 year mark birthday), and my Hannah just turned 22! It is such a joy to watch them become the people they are meant to be. Will definitely check out habit!


Happy birthday, Jane!


That top image is perfection. Happy birthday Jane!

I totally know about wanting to freeze now. xoxo

Beth Lehman

this year with my oldest felt really big to me (maybe 14 is just close to those birthdays that end in 0's and 5's??) and i was emotional about it... but, like your first born, i am so proud of who she is. i love your description of jane...

as for habit? i got teary reading this is habit's last month. it has been a touchstone these last years... i'll probably be there every day, too.


awe. love that we both have 15 year olds. AND shared birthdays! andrew has a little in common with both of your girls! :) happy birthday, jane! xx

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