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We went downtown yesterday afternoon to blow our glass ornaments for the year. Fatty took the girls to do this eight years ago as a surprise for me and I have joined them every year since. It's hands down my favorite holiday tradition. I love that we make the time to go (always challenging - this year no exception) and that it is an outing. Talking to the artists, deciding what colors and combinations to use (also always challenging - we have a lot of ornaments!), looking at the glass in the gallery, watching the blowers at work - it's all part of the experience. And at the end, in addition to the memories, we have four more gorgeous ornaments to hang on the tree. I bet we will get to the point where they may even need their own tree. That would be just fine with me.


Cheryl Jaeger

I love this tradition!

Steph VW

That is amazing! What a great idea. I'm off to search glass blowers in my province to see if anyone does this here!


But where do you do this??? It sounds incredible! I don't know if anyone locally for me is doing this. So curious!


I saw this done in Venice and would loved to have done it


Wow, that is a really neat tradition!


I hope we will see a grand reveal!


What an awesome tradition!


oh wow. I'd love to do this... no such place around here... (show us some!!)

Super Mom - No Cape!

What a wonderful tradition! And memories you've created and continue to create are precious and will last a lifetime.


Such a wonderful tradition for your family.
Will you post a photo of them hanging on your
Christmas tree? Would love to see them.....

Amy h

I'd love to see them all together! This is such a fun tradition.

Jo Ann

Maybe you need to hang them on tree garland around your ceiling or on the mantle.

wasabi honey bee

Oh what a fun tradition!!!!!!!!!! So neat!!!!

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