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Finished: Four Winds Quilt

I finally got around to basting my Four Winds quilt top on Friday afternoon. Our school and church carnival is coming up this weekend and I had always intended to donate this one to the quilt booth for that event. Nothing like a deadline to get me moving!

Four winds quilt by house on hill road

Originally, I thought that I wanted to free motion quilt this one, but in my heart, I knew that straight lines in the direction of the geese was what this quilt wanted. It took a long time - about 6 hours total - but it was very easy, straightforward sewing. I started by stitching in the ditch through the middle seams on the top. After that, I chose one quarter section to quilt and stitched in the ditch of the seam between the columns of geese in that quarter. From there, I lined up the edge of my presser foot with the previous sewn line and started quilting. The lines are approximately 1/2" apart. I love the end result, but I don't wonder if the effect would have been just as good if I had sewn less lines. It sure would have been faster!

Four winds back by house on hill road

The unknown blue solid that I had first chosen for the front ended up being great on the back with some more of the lime green. I cut some larger pieces of the six geese prints and used them to separate the two solids. The binding is another print from the Up Parasol line. The small scale looks great in this application. And, yes, this is another machine-bound quilt. I get better with practice and talk about fast! I still love hand sewing a binding, but when time is short, this is a good alternative.

Four winds folded by house on hill road

I've got one more quilt for the carnival booth to share and then it's back to Kate's quilts and some more secret sewing. Back here soon.

(Details on the quilt pattern and fabric can be found in this post.)



With all that lovely spring green, I bet it's going to be hard to send this one off. Someone will be a lucky winner.

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