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Good Neighbors Pin Cushion Party!

Good neighbors fabric

Welcome to my stop of the pincushion party! My friend, Amanda Jean Nyberg of Crazy Mom Quilts, designed her first fabric line and asked if I wanted to play with it. Yes, yes, yes! The line is called Good Neighbors and is exactly the kind of look I would expect to get from Amanda Jean: cute, bright, fun prints that will work in a wide range of patchwork with a wide range of other fabrics. Good Neighbors indeed! The fabrics are high quality quilting cotton available exclusively through Connecting Threads. In addition to yardage, there are pre-cuts, kits and even one print that is available as 104" wide backing. Lots to choose from!

Good neighbors pin cushions 3

I was sent a charm pack to use to make my pin cushion and spent a lot of time thinking about what I wanted to do before I jumped in. If you have been reading my blog for a long time, you know that it is no secret that I love green and blue so I decided that I would play with the cool colors first. I took a quick look around the studio and grabbed my Dresden ruler and started to play.

Good neighbors pin cushions

Of course, I couldn't leave the warm colors alone so I made a second pin cushion with some of those prints. At the moment pink and orange together are speaking to me so it was fun to see those together. And, because this is Amanda Jean's fabric, I HAD to use the red polka dot. In addition to the cute prints and bright colors, one of the things I like about these fabrics is that they work well in small pieces. The scale is wonderful - not too busy when small, not too plain when large. I think that is Amanda Jean's love of scraps coming through!

Connecting Threads is offering up a charm pack to one of my readers (U.S. and Canada only). To enter the giveaway, comment on this post and let me know if you have ever made a pin cushion and what you filled it with. (Inquiring minds want to know - I filled one of mine with fiber fill and the other with crushed walnut shells and I definitely have thoughts. Let me know yours!) I will leave the giveaway open until Wednesday evening around 6 pm EST. Good luck!

Be sure to pop by the other stops on the pin cushion party to see what everyone else has been making!

9/1/2015  Amanda Jean
9/2/2015  Anna
9/3/2015  Mary
9/4/2015  Svetlana
9/5/2015 Debbie
9/6/2015 Holly
9/7/2015  Carla
9/8/2015  Faith
9/9/2015  Vanessa
9/10/2015  Anna
9/11/2015  Krista
9/12/2015  Erin
9/13/2015  Lee
9/14/2015  Alex
9/15/2015  Cheryl
9/16/2015  Penny
9/17/2015  Amy
9/18/2015  Debbie
9/19/2015  Anne
9/20/2015  Melissa Corry
9/21/2015  Amber
9/22/2015  Nettie
9/23/2015  Adrianne
9/24/2015  Cindy
9/25/2015  Amy
9/26/2015  Chase
9/27/2015  Rene
9/28/2015  Erin  - you're here!
9/29/2015  Nicole
9/30/2015  Teri

Hope you have a great day and that it includes some sewing!



Sally Dixon

I haven't made a pincushion yet but I have really enjoyed seeing all the pincushions. I bought a bag of crushed walnut shells to try soon. I love your Dresden pincushions!


It's been so hard to wait to get to your pincushions, Erin. They are very expressive of your style and wonderful.

I'm a big fan of Amanda Jean's also and because of her I have made a cushion which I stuffed with walnut shells. I like the resistance of felt filler and the weight of walnut shells. Polyfill is pretty but I feel like the pins go right through. I think in an upcoming one I'm going to mix the fillers. I hope you share your opinion too.


I have made a few pincushions, all filled with Polyfill. I would like to try crushed walnut shells, but that's not easily available here.


Your pincushions are too cute!!! I have only made one pincushion for which I won first place at a Sew Steamboat. I used Polyfill. Thanks for the giveaway!

Diann Bottrell

I've made a few different pincushions and used both the crushed walnuts and fiberfill, and I like the crushed walnuts the best! Your pincushions are adorable!


I strongly prefer the crushed walnuts. It's the heft.


I have not yet made a pincushion. However, I think I would try the crushed walnut shells because of the weight to keep the pincushion in place.


I love making pincushions. They're one of my favorite things to make. I use fiberfill most of the time, but I have used crushed walnut shells before, too.


I've only made 1 pincushion, an owl, and I filled it with fibrefill but it's too light, maybe I should open the bottom seam and add walnut shells. thanks


I've made pincushions and donated some to my library's holiday craft sale. I love Amanda's pincushions and her fabric. I fill my cushions with fiber fill because it's what I have on hand. Thanks very much.


I have made 1 pin cushion and filled it with polyfil and have made one with dried rice and beans. I like the weight of the one with dried rice and beans. Where can one get walnut shells?? Just by cracking walnuts i guess??

Kathy O in GA

I've made pincushions both filled with walnut shell or with fiberfill, but I think I would actually prefer a combination of the two! I'll have to try that next.


I have a bag of walnut shells waiting...maybe I will win! Happy day!

Anne D.

I've never made a pincushion, but this blog hop has given me lots of inspiration! You're so right about the scale of these fabrics- not too busy, not too "blah."


Love your pincushion! I have yet to make one, but I must get on it!!! Thanks for the giveaway


Beautiful pincushion, Erin! I have made 1 pincushion, filled with the "lizard litter" for a friend. Next up, one for myself:).


i've made a handful of pincushions, some of which were filled with sand.

Shirley Elliott

I have made two pincushions - one filled with fiberfill and the other with rice. Of those two fillings, I liked the fiberfill best. Your pincushions are beautiful. Thanks for the opportunity to enter the giveaway.

Cynthia Brunz Designs

I haven't made a pincushion yet but I have a big bag of crushed walnut shells waiting for me to make some. This pincushion hop has been quite inspiring! Yours are adorable.


I have use some w/fiberfill! Made another in a pinch and filled w/ my threads/fabric scraps. I remember my grandmother's and they were firm and they used ground wood.

Melissa Dee

I've never made a pincushion yet but I would use fiberfill. You did a great job with those 2 pincushions!


I fill my pincushions with crushed walnut shells. I like the weight it gives them. Your pincushions are very pretty and I agree about the scale of these fabrics.

Joyce Carter

I have always kept my pins in a box by my machine and used then from there. But my friend sent me a pincushion for Christmas and I loved it so much that I decided to make one to hang on my serger. I filled it with fiberfill. i love your pincushion. Thanks for sharing.


I have made several pin cushions and the first ones I filled with tiny fabric scraps. Could hardly get the pins in, was much too firm. Moved on to crushed walnut shells and love them. Your pin cushions are lovely and addictive.


I've made pincushions, some filled with fiberfill and some with sawdust. I didn't really like either... I'm going to try walnut shells next, since people seem to think highly of it!

Susie V

I've ever made a pincushion but I think I will try and use the crushed walnut shells.

I have made several pincushions-Amanada Jean's fault. I filled them with walnut shells and some of them a combo of walnut shells and fiberfill (walnut shells on the top side).

Quilting Tangent

Never made one, would have to research what you fill it with. Maybe mix in some spice - to give a nice smell while sewing.


I made a pincushion at a retreat I was at.. it was fun.. then I made one from this hop.


very cute! is there a pattern for this one? i imagine filling a pincushion with rice but i've never really researched what you should use.


I have never made a pincushion, but love yours, and the idea of stuffing it with crushed walnut shells! Who knew?


I love your Dresden pin cushion. I have made one (which I use all the time) and stuffed it with fiberfill. Thanks!

Lisa E

I've never made a pin cushion. If I did I would just use fiberfill, since that's what I have on hand. Yours are very cute!


I have made a few pincushions and have used fibrefill for stuffing, with a bit of steel wool mixed in as well - it helps keep the pins from rusting. Love your wee cushions! Very sweet!

Mary Z

I have never made a pincushion, but I am now inspired to do so!!


I have never made a pincushion yet, but I have learned a lot about them and am so excited to get started!

Vicki H

I've made 4-5 pincushions. Some I used polyfil and 2 I tried walnut shells. I like the weight the shells provide.

Sandy K

I haven't made a pincushion yet. I certainly have no shortage of ideas with the help of this great hop.


Yes I've made pincushions for a swap. We mailed them without any filling because it was less expensive since some of our girls were out of the US. I received 3 darling pincushions, one is a hedgehog. Each came with a little instruction sheet if they needed to be stitched differently than just a whip stitch. I filled mine with fine clean play box sand. The weight of the sand keeps them where you set them and the sand keeps your pins and needles sharp. Years ago I tried Emory grit but it's expensive and the sand does the same thing. What ever you use make sure it hasn't been kittie litter.

Lisa Marie

I've made several pincushions. I think the last time I used rice and fiberfill. I want to try the crushed walnut shells.


I have never made one but I am thinking I would like a heavier pincushion - so maybe walnut shells or rice? Or both? Your mini dresdens are adorable.

Jessie Aucoin

Thanks for the give away! The one and only pin cushion I made had a wrist strap and was filled with fiber fill. If memory serves, it was the first thing I made without a pattern...

Michele T

I've made a few pin cushions and my favourite is the wee wool strawberry filled with emery filings and I take it everywhere!!

Anne Marie

I have made many pincushions and use polyfil to fill them but think crushed walnut shells would be great.


I guess I haven't made pin cushion yet, am addicted to my magnetic pin cushion, but like the idea of the walnut hulls because of the weight to hold the pin cushion in place. Really nice fabrics!


I have made several pin cushions and use walnut shells from the pet store to fill them. I like the weight because I have a tendency to send all sorts of things crashing into my pincushions while I am working and that keeps them from flying across the room!


I've made several pincushions, filled them with fiberfill.


I've only made one and filled it with crushed walnut shells. I love the weight of it.


I've made a few pincushions that I filled with polyfill. Yours a so pretty!

Jo West

I have made lots of pin cushions and sell them at a Farmer's Market. You all have inspired me to branch out and be more creative. I use walnut shells, I think the name brand is Kaytee crushed walnut shells from the pet store. You don't want the stuff that looks processed.

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