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This September Friday

Beginning of a block by house on hill road

On Sunday, I used this block that I designed a year (or two?) ago to demonstrate paper piecing to my local guild. I'm hoping to find some time this weekend to finish it - those colors are really speaking to me right now. First, I have some commitments to take care of. I've been working away, quietly and not so quietly, behind the scenes, sewing up a sample for Quilt Market. It's been fun and challenging and exhausting and gratifying and mind blowing all at the same time. I will wrap it up today and send it off to be quilted. I'll share when I can - it's a really cool quilt.

In the midst of all of this, my favorite machine broke. Not once, but twice! Seriously, I picked it up from the dealer and had to turn around and take it back the next day. It's been sitting there, ready for me all week, but I can't find a spare hour of drive time in my schedule to go get it. I'm thankful that I have another machine to use, but I was grumbling about how little I enjoy this one. Turns out, we are friends again. I am grateful.

I've been reading. Right now I am in the middle of X by Sue Grafton. Each book in this series is like seeing an old friend after a long time. You just pick up right where you left off! My recent favorite was Everything I Never Told You by Celeste Ng. I read it in a day, or more specifically, a five hour car ride. I loved it. If you are a reader, check out this cute project that Lindsay alerted me to. Books and food. Win!

Has anyone watched Anna Maria's Creating Color Palettes class on Creativebug? Go! Do it! It's about an half an hour long and had my mind jumping in the best ways. I now want to rearrange my entire fabric stash, which, truthfully, could use a good reorganization. I'm also excited to take the time to watch Cal Patch's new class on drafting patterns for knits. The change of seasons always makes me want to sew garments (and knit them, too!). I'd love to increase my skill set at the same time.

Podcasts! Of course I love Modern Sewciety. Stephanie is the sweetest and has great guests. The b-side always has me laughing out loud. Recently, I binge listened to all of the Crafty Planner podcasts. Sandi does an amazing job interviewing her guests. Each episode had me thinking about why I do what I do and examining my process. Good stuff. Any other podcasts you might recommend? They don't have to be craft related - I like good stories, too. This American Life, anyone?

And finally, I am working on getting some quilt patterns out into the world. If anyone would be interested in testing them for me, I would be appreciative. Let me know in the comments and I will email you to discuss!

Enjoy the weekend, friends.



Alicia A.

RadioLab. Love it with my whole heart.
(Your quilts continually amaze.)

Sarah C

Ready to see some patterns, loved the paper piecing! And that podcast and Anna's class are on my to do list.

Sandra Reuston

Love the update! I have been rethinking by fabric and yarn organization, too. I think it is a fall nesting thing. I watched Anna Maria's lesson and also LOVED it.
I have really been enjoying the Woolful podcasts, A playful Day, and some other knitting focused ones. Although I am sewing a lot, it seems as though my desire to become a better knitter has me binge listening to wool and knitting podcasts.

Jessie Aucoin

Colette Patterns will be releasing a podcast in a couple of weeks--touted as telling sewing-related stories!


I would be honored to test some patterns for you. I have some pattern testing results posted on my IG @coreensquilting. Please email my at coreensquilting at with questions. Thank you for considering me. Take care and God bless, Cory


Radiolab! My favorite podcast. Also, The Moth is wonderful. I'm happy to hear you're another Sue Grafton fan; she's my favorite author and you described it perfectly: like picking up an old friend. I'm so looking forward to X.


Would love to be a pattern tester - it's all in the details, right? Some commitment to sewing will push me to get the rest of the things on my to-sew list going as well!


p.s. have you tried the moth podcast? stories galore!.

Liz Harvatine

My fave podcasts are Sawbones, my brother, my brother and me, judge john hodgman, stuff you should know. Not at all sewing related but very fun!


I love the color palette and the block!

Allison C

I would be interested in pattern testing


You know I'm on the pattern testing list, right? ;-) and YAY! PATTERNS!


can i just say that i love how your blog is still a blog? that you post and share and people comment. i miss that. xo.


Everything I Never Told You. Sigh. So good. Can't wait to see the quilt :)

Tulle Spool

Truly incredible! Thanks for sharing.


Everything I Never Told You touched me. I adopted two daughters from China 18 and 16 years ago then had a bio child. As a mixed race family, this book spoke to me on so many levels. I cried so much! Btw, love your blue and pink block. Would love to see more of those.

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