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Accuquilt Medallion Quilt - Borders 2 and 3

Border 3e

For my Accuquilt project last month, I started a medallion quilt. This month, I made it bigger by adding two more borders. I really like where this is heading. I have limited myself to fabrics that I have in my stash and I am always amazed at how creative I can be when I shop my studio instead of the fabric store!

If you are interested in making this project, you can read the specifics, along with the tutorial(s), over on the Accuquilt blog. I do love my GO! cutter, but if you don't have one, you can still make this quilt with a little math and figuring.


jeanne e.

i am loving this so much right now. i look forward to seeing how it evolves. :)


Thanks for putting words to what I am doing--shopping my stash. It's a great feeling and if I can pull off a FO that's half as pretty as yours, I'll be chuffed.

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