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Scraps, Inc. Vol. 2 - Argyle Medallion (and a giveaway!)

Scraps, Inc. Vol. 2 is hitting the shelves soon and I am thrilled to have a quilt in it. Published by Lucky Spool Media, this follow-up book to the widely popular and beautifully done, Scraps, Inc. Vol. 1, is much like the first. It is chock full of great quilt projects, all of which are designed with using scraps in mind. There are patterns for 15 different quilts made by 15 different designers. It's also a visual feast with gorgeous photography by Nydia Kehnle.


I made my quilt, Argyle Medallion, last summer over the course of a few days. At the time, the hydrangeas in my yard and down my street were awash in pink, purple and blue blooms and that directly inspired the color palette. I think it would be striking in a monochromatic palette or using a true, anything goes scrappy vibe. The quilt uses a few different piecing techniques, a variety of shapes and is very fun to put together. I'm a fan of negative space and I think that this quilt has that in spades. Natalia Bonner quilted it and she did the most amazing job with zero direction from me. She made it sing!


There are so many wonderful quilts in this book that I am anxious to make. Each quilt specifies what kind of scraps it uses - squares or strips. I love this little bit - it makes digging through and sorting scraps for projects that much easier.


Scraps, Inc. Vol 2 is available to order in the Tauton Store. To make it even sweeter, save 30% through February 16th by entering the code Scraps30. I am also giving away a copy of the book here on the blog. To enter, leave me a comment and let me know what quilters inspire you with their use of scraps. I'll leave the giveaway open until Sunday, February 14 at 6:00 pm EST.

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Patricia Cash

Bonnie Hunter's scrap quilts inspire me.
[email protected]


I am a huge Bonnie Hunter fan, too. Also inspired by Amanda Jean Nyberg!


What a lovely quilt - and you're right that the quilting really makes it shine. I am frequently inspired by Amanda Jean Nyberg's use of scraps.


Wow! To see your work in print must be a great feeling. I am also very inspired by Amanda Jean Nybery and Cheryl Arkinson. Thanks for sharing your talent.

amber potter

Amanda Jean Nyberg always impresses me with the purposes she finds for tiny scraps, and the work of Chawne of Completely Cauchy always blows my mind.


Love your medallions! I am always challenged by Amanda @ Crazy Mom Quilts.

Nancy A

I think Bonnie Hunter is the grand master of using scraps. She always inspires me.


Beautiful quilt. I'm inspired by Amanda Jean's use of scraps.


Love it. I like that you've switched up the techniques a bit, yet fit it altogether as a whole. Once in a while the last bit of those every block the same quilts can be a slog, but this looks like fun to the end. Crazy Mom Quilts really got me to see scraps in a new way.


I like your mix of squares around dresdens. Also a fan of Amanda Jean

pam w

Bonnie Hunter and Shannon Brinkley


I wasn't much of a scrap quilt fan until I started following this blog hop so I'll say I've been inspired by all who contributed to this book!

Julie T

I am always inspired by Bonnie Hunter, and the wonderful variety of quilts she creates from scraps. I also enjoy the many and varied scrap projects of Amanda at Crazy Mom Quilts. I really haven't seen a scrap quilt I didn't like!

Beth T.

Sarah at Confessions of a Fabric Addict uses a lot of scraps, and makes them into quilts that she and her church group give to people with medical or spiritual needs, and I find that very inspiring.


That's a great question, one I haven't really thought about! I think Amy Smart is good with scraps. Your quilt looks amazing!


Bonnie Hunter is probably the most inspirational when it comes to using scraps. I am looking forward to seeing this book and enjoying the blog hop. Thank you for sharing.

Lisa E

Rita Hodge is amazing and her quilts are beautiful.


Love your quilt! I'm so excited about this book. I think Lee Heinrich and Faith Jones always do fun things with scraps. So inspiring! Congrats on being included in the new volume, and thanks for the giveaway!


I think what Rita at Red Pepper Quilts does with her scraps is amazing. She's so prolific with her quilts. I don't know how she does it. I always looks forward to seeing what she makes next. She's such an inspiration to me.

Ann in NC

Bonnie Hunter has inspired so many with her scrap quilts. Your quilt is one of my favorites in the book! One way or another, this book will be in my library!

Jeanne Cupertino

Bonnie Hunter, Amanda Jean Nyberg, Cheryl Arkinson, and Lynn Tyler of the Patchery Menagerie all inspire me with their use of scraps. I also take a lot of inspiration from vintage and antique quilts.


Bonnie Hunter is a master of scrappy quilting, but Judy Martin is the Queen of Scrap Quilts IMO. She inspired me to love and make scrap quilts, when everyone else was doing matchy-match quilts 25 years ago. If you're not familiar with Judy's designs and many books, check her out! Congrats on the new book and thanks for the giveaway!

Kathy h

Your quilt is beautiful. I am inspired by Bonnie Hunter.


Great quilt Erin Love the Sunday Morning Quilts

Marie Lismore

Your quilt is fabulous. My favourite scrap quilt designer is Jen Kingwell!

Mary D

Your quilt is awesome. Bonnie Hunter only sews with scraps I believe and she makes amazing quilts. I am working on one of her patterns now 10,000 pieces strong. I started on a quilt from the Sunday Morning Quilt book and am working my way through Cultural Fusion Quilts by Sujata. She often uses repurposed clothing for fabric.

There is so much scrap quilting inspiration out in blogland. I love it!


I also love Bonnie Hunter's work. Every quilt I have seen on this blog hop has been amazing.


My great grandmother Nameen made quilts from scraps of clothing. I am lucky to have one. A treasure to be sure. She would be thrilled to see all the gorgeous quilts that are being made these days! Thanks for a chance to find this book in my mailbox, Erin. Your sample is just lovely.

Barb in MI

BonnieHunter and Jo Krame r inspire me. Love your Argyle medallion!


I find many blog with scrap challenges all inspiring
the first one that I made was a leader and ender by bonnie hunt


Your quilt is beautiful. Thanks for a great giveaway. Would love to win. Thanks.


I love your quilt. And Erin Harris is such an inspiration to me.


I'm so inspired by Amy Friend of During Quiet Time for Stolen Moments,
for her paper piecing in particular.
Also Jennifer Sampou, fabric artist for Robert Kaufman, for her description of color, how to contrast, select prints that go beside one another.
And Amanda Jean Nyberg of Crazy Mom Quilts, especially her pin cushions and rag rugs knitted from scraps.
Thank you Erin for sharing Argyle Medallion and the hydrangea inspiration. I do love blue one's so much.

Allison C

Your quilt is beautiful! I really like Rita's simple patchwork scrappy quilts (redpepperquilts)


I'm definitely inspired by Amanda at Crazy Mom Quilts, best scrap quilts!

Stephanie Daniel

I have been following Heather at the sewing loft and she has been doing a ton with scraps lately!

Melanie C

Wow! All the quilts in this book looks amazing! I always enjoyed how Crazy Mom Quilts uses her scraps.

Laura L.

I appreciate the techniques in Sunday Morning Quilts that Amanda Jean and Cheryl offer. Love the low volume options presented. Thanks for the giveaway!


Way too many to list even if I knew all of their names. I'd have to start with all of the anonymous quilters who've mastered the use of scraps for generations. I'd love to win a copy of the book.


I love what you have done with this quilt. It is beautiful. The book looks fantastic too; so full of scrap-busters. Thank you for the lovely giveaway. I am inspired by the quilts by Nydia Kehnle. I will probably never be able to use colors in such an dynamic and yet fitting way but I love to see her work and really feel inspired by it.


Beautiful quilt! Last summer, my daughters decided to use my bin of scraps to make themselves quilts for their college dorm rooms. The quilts turned out great - very random - and now I am working on one. Thanks for the chance to win this lovely book.

Betsy S

Bonnie Hunter. Love the leaders and enders method.


Amanda Jean Nyberg is my quilting hero!

Kathryn Laposata

Bonnie Hunter, of course.


Amanda Jean Nyberg makes me want all my fabric to be scraps.

Linda Douglas

HI, Like Amanda Jean Nyberg! Thanks for the giveaway!
[email protected]


I am a big Bonnie Hunter fan. Love your blog and thanks for letting us have a chance to win this book.


I love Amanda Jean Nyberg and Amy Smart's use of scraps but the best part of book tours on blogs is discovering new inspiration.


I love your quilt it's beautiful! And I love it when a quilter use her scraps and mix them in a way which creates her totally own style like Amy Sinibaldi does (from her I know that everything looks better with a little bit linen mixed in;-)

Anne Deister

I'm always inspired by Amanda Jean of Crazy Mom Quilts. Her scrap projects are amazing. I would love to add this book to our guild library. We have the first and it's a popular one to check out. Thanks for the chance.

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