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I knew it wouldn't be long before I made a second Ryan Top. Four days since I finished the final hem stitches on my first version, I was wearing my second.

Ryan top 2c

I followed the same process for making this one as I did the first. It's a size L and I omitted the neck facings and used a bias tape instead. I did cut my bias strips at 1 1/4" instead of 1 1/2" and I think this was a better choice. It's a much better and proportionate fit. The fabric I used was two separate pieces of Liberty Tana Lawn that I bought back in 2010 when we took a family trip to London. The pattern pieces *just* fit. One of my fabric pieces was slightly longer than the other so I used that for the bodice pieces, but it was still too short for the pattern as designed. To make it work, I shortened the torso by 3 1/2" at the bottom edge and folded the selvedges in towards the center of the fabric to give me 2 folded edges. For the front and back yokes, I folded the fabric in the same manner. It took some serious arranging and the fabric pattern on the back yoke may be upside down (who's looking?), but I made it work. Take that, Tim Gunn.

Ryan top 2b

It's still a little snug under the arms and if I had had a more generous cut of fabric, I would have tried adding a smidge of width - maybe a 1/2" or so? Alas, it was not to be and the resulting top is still totally wearable. I love the length on this shorter version just as much as I like the long length on the original one - it's just a different look. This one worked great with my boyfriend jeans and will be equally as cute with shorts. Yay!

This week is a busy one and I wasn't holding out high hope to get much sewing accomplished. This top is so damn quick to come together - I think my total time cutting and sewing was just at 2 hours - that I couldn't resist jumping in. I do love a fast sew! I also managed to work a tiny bit on one of the quilts I have under construction in a spare hour on Monday and am wishing for a small chunk of time to put the finishing touches on the last blocks. Sometimes I get so discouraged when my time is limited. To that end, I have spent hours and hours each week at physical therapy for two minor, yet painful and annoying injuries over the last two months. It has really eaten into my creative time and that is has started to wear on me. I miss the making. I realize that I just need to change my lens when it comes to how I approach making at the moment. There ARE more minutes available to me than I think. I just have to find them. Have you read Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert? (I LOVED it! And I would highly recommend it and, yes, that is an affiliate link.) There's this part when she suggests having an affair with your creative work. Get sneaky. Steal the time to create. Revel in the process. Do the work. Don't tell anyone what you are doing. Just keep it a secret. That is the notion fueling me right now.

Ryan top 2a



It's a very cute top. I can see it also with a slimish linen like cream skirt and some pearls for a fancier look.

If you have tiny scraps left you might be able to make small gussets under the arms to give you a bit of extra ease.

If you substituted bias tape binding and used the same cutting line this would have raised the neckline a bit than if you had used a facing. But I think it works well.

Take care of your health.


Cute as always!
Yes, I LOVE Big Magic. I have the audio book and have listened to it twice already. I'm sure I'll listen again! Love love love it!!!

Erin | house on hill road

Thanks, Sandra! I understand what you are saying about the bias raising the neckline, but this pattern only has a 1/4" seam allowance so the neckline isn't changed. It made making the switch an easy choice for me.


Great top! Really pretty fabric. I loved Big Magic. Have you read Year of Yes? Loved loved loved it. That and Lab Girl have been my most recent favorites.


GREAT LOOKING SHIRT ERIN. such a beautiful color...i loved Big Magic too. I feel like its one i need to read at least once a year.


Adorable! I think it would also be great sleeveless! :)

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