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Rinse and Repeat, 2.0 and (Over) Sharing

Rinse and repeat quilt 2

I'm very slowly, but surely working on the pattern for my Rinse and Repeat quilt. I have had a few emails wondering when the pattern will be ready and I promise it's coming. I made this second version to test my math (it's good!). I love how the saturated Anna Maria Horner prints look on that field of white. I had a handful of quilters test the pattern, too, and their versions all came out great. I can't wait to share more with you.

And speaking of sharing (or maybe over-sharing?), Accuquilt put me in their Spotlight earlier this week. I had a lot of fun answering the questions. You can hop on over to their blog to find out more about me. I even dish on why Fatty is called Fatty.....I know inquiring minds want to know!

Hope you have a great weekend and that it involves some sewing if you want it to!



Kaitie Logsdon

Erin!!! I absolutely adore this pattern. I'll be on the lookout once it's released. ;)


I love this pattern and have plans to make twin versions for my daughters. Do you have an estimate for how much yardage is needed for the solid portion on a twin size quilt? I keep seeing fabric I would use but don't want to over buy


Good timing, Erin. I just told my husband that yours was named Fatty (and he liked it) after he thought I accidentally called him Fatty. Now I can go back and tell him why. I enjoyed the interview and will be eager to see your pattern release.


I love the horizontal quilting on this, does it go through the blocks too?

Erin | house on hill road

Hi Katie! The horizontal lines do not go through the blocks. There's a free motion, paisley type design in there!

Erin | house on hill road

You will need 3 3/4 yards of the background fabric for a twin. Hope that helps, Julie!


Great! Can't wait for the pattern!

Lisa Clarke

Gorgeous! That riot of color on the white background is so effective. Really, really nice.
P.S. Happy belated birthday😊


This is stunningly beautiful. The white background really sets off the fabric choices.


i had a hard time trying to leave a comment over on aqququilt.

just so you know... ALWAYS love reading about you and your skills. xx

Sandra Reuston

I've been in a patch working phase as of late and have been thinking about starting a new quilt. I really love this pattern and would love to try it! Gorgeous work!!


Erin love your quilt and looking forward to your pattern when it comes out. Will let us all know?
Also I have a question in your straight line quilting. Did you do the points first?
Did you start with the middle one and then jump to the next one? Did you do them all the with if your foot or mark them? This is my
Problem I never know how to start or stop straight line quilting. Thanks for your help!

Judy Jensen

New to you and absolutely love this. Hope the pattern comes out soon.


Beautiful !


Has this pattern been released?

Erin | house on hill road

No, it hasn't. It got pushed aside when I took on my book project. Now that I have wrapped that up, patterns are towards the top of the to-do list!

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